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SIZZLER: Kidman Congratulates Katie, Ignores Tom

The actress sent her best wishes to both Katie and baby Suri yeasterday.Kidman2_1 "I hope both mother and baby are doing well," said Nicole Kidman through her publicist. Is she forgetting anyone? Oh yeah, Brooke Shields and her lovely husband Chris Henchy, whoops and Gina Lee Nolin, can't forget Gina.

Okay, Okay and Gwenyth too.

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SIZZLER: Lachey's Marriage is a Bust

U585cover_2 In this upcoming issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, Nick Lachey comes clean about separation from Jessica Simpson. The former Newlywed said that he stills loves her, that Joe Simpson influenced their marriage, that he still doesn't know whether she cheated on him and that he was 'told' he would be getting a divorce.

Look, Jessica's no angel, but she's not all to blame. Judging from this cover of US Weekly, Nick always had to have the bigger cleavage.

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SIZZLER: It's a Girl!

Girl Your probably know by now that the most famous couple in the world finally had their baby yesterday and it's a girl!

Congratulations Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy!

In other baby news, Tom and Katie also had a girl yesterday named Suri.

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SIZZLER: Jada Takes a (Lesbian) Lover?


We thought Melissa the Impregnantor was our top 'female rock singer' making headlines today, but then comes this late-breaking news about Wicked Wisdom's front woman, Jada Pinkett Smith . An "unamed New Jersey woman" is claiming she's involved in a 3 year affair with Pinkett Smith. The couple meet up for sexual escapades around the country, while Will hangs out in L.A.

According to the 36 year old woman: "Jada is a very passionate and caring woman. I believe she's with Will for the  children and for her career. She loves her lifestyle and if she came out as a lesbian, it would be all  over for her. Her children would be gone and her career. I love Jada more than anything and want  to be with her... "It's time Jada come clean. It's 2006 and I know how bad she wants to be honest  to the world and stop lying! I am hoping me coming out will inspire her to do the same."

Somehow this explains the couple's close knit friendship with TomKat. (thanks for the scoop ONTD)

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SIZZLER: Tom's Poll is Bent

Linktomcruise_1 According to the New York Post, Tom Cruise's people skewed the results of a recent poll on Parade.com in his favor.

"Parade.com recently asked online readers whether they thought Cruise was responsible for his disastrous public relations year or if it was the media's fault. A shocking 84 percent of respondents blamed the press. But Parade publicist Alexis Collado tells us: "We at Parade found this a little bit fishy, so we did some investigating. We found out more than 14,000 (of the 18,000-plus votes) that came in were cast from only 10 computers!" pole

Now the magazine thinks Tom's people built a computer program that skewed the votes, and we feel really bad about that. We were only trying to help the poor guy who's been a victim of the vicious media . We won't do it again. 

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SIZZLER: Brangelina's Bodyguards Threaten Photogs

Pitt We mentioned yesterday that Angelina and Brad's bodyguards were getting tough in Namibia, in order to ensure a private birth for the superstar couple.

Today, their security boss Mick Brett has issued a statement If I find anyone getting a picture of Jolie I will f*cking smash someone to pieces...I'm not joking. I'll f*cking put someone in the hospital. Tell your friends."

Isn't having a baby the most magical, wondrous experience in your life?

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SIZZLER: George Michael's Careless Driving


Remember in February, when George Michael  was arrested on suspicion of drug possession in February after being found "slumped in a car"?

Well, he's slumping in cars again. The U.K's Daily Mirror reports that George Michael crashed into three cars while trying to park his SUV in London early Sunday. No word on whether he was asleep at the wheel again, but in a statement the singer said:  "It is my own stupid fault, as usual."

No, no, George, it's my fault. You asked to be woken up before you go-go and I guess it just slipped my mind again.

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SIZZLER: Namibia No-Likey Brangelina


We thought Namibia was having the best week ever after Angelina and Brad not only chose to have there baby in the remote African location, but also intended to give their baby a Namibian name.

But now according to tabloids, the couple's presence in the town has upset the lives of the locals. Their massive, bully-like security team is closing off roads, kicking kids off beaches and causing violent eruptions in the area, all in attempts to protect the superstar couple who are spending 6 weeks in a local resort preparing for the birth of their baby.

Next time, guys, just go to Cedars Sinai.

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SIZZLER: Lohan Panhandling Her Way Down Runway?

Lindsayalms If you see a tiny red-haired girl stumbling down 5th Avenue, knocking on the door of every high-end fashion retailer she passes, there is no cause for concern: that's just Lindsay Lohan

After getting passed over by Louis Vuitton for a cellphone-beater earlier this week, a determined Lohan is now hitting up Versace, shamelessly begging for a spokesmodeling deal, or at least a free dress - whatever they can spare. 

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LUKE WARM SIZZLER: Trishelle and Duritz?


Neither women nor men, can figure out the mystery of Counting Crow's singer Adam Duritz and his surprising success with hot women.  The pudgy, side-show Bob-esque singer has dated stunningly attractive women like Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Monica Potter and Mary Louise Parker. And now he's reportedly linked to Real World/Surreal Life sexpot Trishelle Canntella. So how did dowdy Duritz land another hottie? Well, Trishelle was linked to effeminate comedian Andy Dick. So maybe she likes dating 'down' and we know he only dates 'up.' Maybe somwhere in the middle is love. (I think I just wrote the single on Duritz's next album.)

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