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While You Were Counting Down The Minutes Til 4:20

  • Halle_berry_2 The long running feud between Fall Out Boy and The Killers is finally over. Wannabe punk kids and wannabe hipster kids can now once again walk the streets hand in hand... to get made fun of by wannabe hip hop kids.
  • Language experts have concluded that there is no record of the name Suri meaning "princess" in Hebrew. Suri about that, Tom.
  • Halle Berry used to dream of finding a pill that could turn her white when she was a child. AS expected, the dream always involved going through Michael Jackson's stuff.
  • At his most recent court hearing, a judge ruled that Pete Doherty will be banned from driving a car for six months. Smoking crack and shooting heroin into his veins, though, is still totally cool.
  • MySpace is streaming the new Streets album for free, while VH1 is streaming the new Goo Goo Dolls album. Congratulations to VH1 for getting behind a "hip" band to finally lose that whole "VH1 is for old people" image!
  • Jesus Christ Superstar to be staged at the second largest Nazi concentration camp in Europe. I'm not touching that one with a ten foot pole (though if I did, the joke would probably begin with "I wonder what's playing at the largest...?)

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Shocking! -ro1bbhfo

Posted by: Roy | Apr 20, 2006 4:45:45 PM

what the fuck, honestly.give pete a break, and maybe try mentioning his music once in a while, yeah? that'd be nice.

Posted by: summer | Apr 22, 2006 1:51:35 AM

Seriously, give Pete a frickin' BREAK!! Can't someone make a mistake?

Posted by: Lily | Apr 22, 2006 7:22:12 AM

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