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While You Were Feeding Suri her Barley-Water Dinner


  • Nick Lachey banned camera phones from his new sitcom, He Said, She Said for fear of being tabloid fodder. Cameras are fine though.
  • American Idol makes people famous. And then makes them drunkards, just ask Paula.
  • Pink has a tattoo designed to look like a help button. Clearly, it's broken.
  • Paris Hilton is releasing her own line of mobile games. Or so she's been told by her handlers.
  • Tabloid apologizes for saying Terri Hatcher has sex in a van, an accusation that angered the cautious single mom. In fact it was a mini-van.
  • Jamie Lynn Sigler is hooking up with Ashley Olsen ex Scott Sartaino. But her next big challenge is Stavros.

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