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The Couric Effect Revised


Page Six reported today  that Everybody loves Raymond star Patricia Heaton and Fuse VJ Marianela Pereyra are set to replace Meredith Vieira and Elizabeth Hassleback, respectively, on The View.

On Wednesday, when Katie Couric quit the today show and this whole morning show avalanche began, I posted something called The Katie Couric Effect, a speculation on the domino effect felt around the world as a result of Couric's resignation.

With this new knowledge of Heaton's involvment, it's been revised (after the jump)...

The Couric Effect: Revised

So Katie Couric quits the Today Show for an nightly anchor position on CBS. Meredith Vieira replaces her on the Today Show. Patricia Heaton replaces Meredith on The View. And just because it was long overdue, Elizabeth Hassleback is fired and replaced with Marianela Pereyra.

Ok here's where things get complicated: Before being offered The View, Heaton had a sitcom pilot in development with ABC had already hired Jenny McCarthy as a co-star. With her View obligations, the pilot falls through and McCarthy is left to write yet another book on motherhood, where she recommends breast feeding with silicon implants. Meanwhile, without hot VJ Marianela Pereyra, Fuse loses it's viewership and folds leaving MTV to hold absolute power. Drunk with power, the network commands an army of zombie teens nursed on Silicon to obliterate the morning show, leaving only nightly news on network TV. We knew Katie was behind this whole thing somehow, she always is.

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