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SIZZLER: Frankie Hits the Road


Sorry Hollywood execs, but  Frankie Muniz won't be starring in your next big blockbuster romantic action thriller. We're saddened to announce that the 20 year-old Malcom in the Middle star, who happens to be suspended in mid-puberty, is giving up acting for the next couple of years to persue race-car driving.

We know, he would have been perfect as the next James Bond or as a surly but dashing British baron in the next Jane Austen adaptation. Sorry ladies, this bad-boy has only one true love: fast cars (and his retainer --it's zebra-patterned!)

(via ontd)

April 11, 2006 in Sizzler | Permalink


How does he figure he's giving up acting? It gave him up after that Cody Banks garbage. He's got nerve...

Posted by: Dee Dee | Apr 11, 2006 2:38:58 PM

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