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FERGIE INTERPRETATION: Lisa Rinna's reported "newly inflated lips"  make her look like the Black Eyed Peas' Fergie or someone having a severe allergic reaction.(Celebrity Terrorist)

PANIC ATTACK: If there's ever a time to keep your sh*t together, it's when you're on The Price is Right. Unfortunately, this woman didn't get the memo. (Daily Sixer)

LOW BUDGET PR : Trishelle Canatella's reality pal Katie Doyle denies on her myspace blog that Canatella and Adam Duritz are a couple and confirms they are in fact friends. (Katie's Myspace Blog)

CROSSED LINE: According to TMZ's recent paparazzi footage, Jessica Simpson thinks photographing her at Whole Foods is just going too far. The singer told cameramen, ""It's Whole Foods guys... That's not cool." (TMZ)

SAVORY AFTERBIRTH: You've pictured it mentally, but now you can actually see Tom Cruise eat copious amounts of afterbirth.  (Wow Report)

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