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PROOF THAT TV VIEWERS ARE SHREWD NEGOTIATORS: Due to sliding ratings, NBC is now offering  $10,000 to people who watch The Apprentice. I think we should hold out for $12,000. (Reality Blurred)

OUT OF TOUCH MOM TERMINOLOGY: British Tabloid calls former pop star George Michael a "stoned waster" (The Mirror)

PROOF WE'RE ONE SIMPSON TOO MANY: Ashlee Simpson's new song L.O.V.E was just released on her website. (AshleeSimpsonMusic)

VOICE-MAIL: Faye Dunaway's angry voice messages left throughout the day on the phone of a producer making a TV movie of her life. While she wants to forget Mommy Dearest, it's clear why she'll never outlive the role. (Wow Report)

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that's a nice pic of ash though...some nice side boob.

Posted by: HORSEMAN_03 | Apr 20, 2006 11:05:40 AM

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