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I'm Lovin' McDonald's Super-Sized McDiversity Campaign

Mcdonaldsblack_1 I don't know if anyone's been checking out the official McDonald's website lately (and really, why would you?), but it would seem that unhealthy, processed, barely-edible food is not just for white people anymore! 

Judging from the primary navigation on the left hand side of the "fun new website" (click the image on right to see for yourself), the Golden Arches goodness can now be easily enjoyed by the following people:

Homeless and/or Alcoholic
Black People
The Morbidly Obese
Paris Hilton
Mexican Grafitti Artists
Hippies (and Spanish-Speaking Hippies)
Asians Who Will Admit To It
And worst of all, Bloggers

Also, don't forget to click through their downright bizarre "Premium Coffee" promo.  Apparently their Ad Wizards are now getting as high as the people who eat there.

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Um... the whole "Year of the Dog" bit is scary.

Posted by: Eric | Apr 3, 2006 4:12:00 PM

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