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Are Sexasaurses Having The Best Week Ever?

R_kelly R. Kelly returned to New York this week for the first time since 2004. Well, on behalf of all New York, allow me to say that he was missed. During last night's sold out Radio City Music Hall show, R previewed an unreleased song titled "The Zoo" that contained the following lyrics:

"It's like Jurassic Park, but I'm your Sexasaurus" and "You and me hopping like two kangaroos... you got me locked in your cage of ecstasy and I don't want to be free... I'm your Tarzan and you're my Jane." Wow. Just. Wow.

I for one think it's about time Sexasauruses got their due. I've seen all three Jurassic Park movies, and not once did they talk about the Sexasaurus. Kudos to R. Kelly for stepping up and bringing this extinct-but-not-forgotten dinosaur to the attention of the American Public for the first time... ever.  Oh, and for the record, accused pedophile R. Kelly has titled his next album Making Babies. Thankfully he does not go into specifics as to what he's making them do, exactly. But you can imagine. [Read the MTV News article here ]

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He performed that on the Jimmy Kimmel show a few months ago too. Priceless. It is now saved in my permanent collection on the tivo. Did he do the part last night where he made the animal sounds?:
"ei, ei, ei, ah, ah, ah"

Posted by: Rebecca | Apr 20, 2006 6:43:43 PM

And don't forget the "I've got you so wet.... It's like a rainforest."

Posted by: Heather | Apr 20, 2006 6:51:58 PM

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