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A Eulogy In Remembrance of Celebrity Cooking Showdown

Alan_thicke3 Ah Celebrity Cooking Showdown, how we hardly knew you.  You showed so much promise, with your seemingly perfect recipe for success: One part Iron Chef rip-off, one part B-list celebs displaying how inadequate they are at anything other than being on TV, one part host Alan Thicke's rambling, scotch-soaked commentary, and of course the secret ingredient: the fact that, until now, America has proven to LOVE watching almost any mundane activity if it's "With the Stars!".  So what went wrong? 

If I had to guess, I would say that it has something to do with the fact that even someone with the most inept culinary abilities could recognize that watching famous chefs hand-hold frenzied "stars" as they run around the stage bumbling their way through the preparation of fairly simple meals is not only boring, but also pretty pointless.  Who cares if some daytime soap star can put together a pot roast with Wolfgang Puck walking her through the whole thing?  Considering the fact that NBC pulled last night's final episode and replaced with re-runs of Will & Grace and My Name Is Earl, the answer is pretty obvious. 

Celebrity Cooking Showdown, you will certainly be forgotten, but shall never be missed.  Here's hoping that Mowing the Lawn With (Kinda-Sorta) Movie Stars will fare a little better.

April 21, 2006 in TV | Permalink


So tonight's (Friday) episode was supposed to be the episode where we see who won, based on the votes cast after Thursday's show. Does anyone know if this was supposed to be live? And is it okay to feel bad for the old model, the has-been, and the Kristen Davis look-a-like? How will we ever know who is Top Celebrity Chef??

Posted by: Allison | Apr 21, 2006 3:06:01 PM

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