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You Cannot Petition Hot Topic With Prayer


There is an issue that is burning up the petition circuit. No, I'm not talking about puppy mills, though that is an excellent cause. I'm talking about Hot Topic, the only place for "young men and women between the ages of 12 and 22 who are passionate about rock music, pop culture and music-inspired fashion" to shop. What is the problem with Hot Topic? That depends on who you ask. It's either too goth, not punk enough, not in enough places, essential to San Francisco teens, or not in Australia. Before you decided which petition to sign, read the argument for each one after the jump...

  • Hot Topic should be a bit less goth: A lot of people are afraid to step into Hot Topic because of the way it looks. I personaly think that's a little bit wierd, but those people have a point, in a way. all of the stores and black and red and look like a cross between emo and goth. They could make it a little bit less goth, don't you think? This update was added to the petition statement on September 30th, 2005 at 7:45 pm I am NOT afriad to go into Hot Topic!! You guys are missing the point. I'm saying OTHER PEOPLE are afraid, not me. I've gotten a shirt or two there, so I'm not afriad to go in the store. Other people are. Not me. Get it??
  • hot topic should be everywere: hey i love your store1 i just think that it shoudnt be found in the mall make it like a wal mart you know just have store in the middle of town so what if people hate it you might sell more product. my mom wont take me to the mall at all she hates the traffic she gets lost and all this other stuff. well build a hot topic just like across the street of a wal mart or somthing i dont know just make it found in more places than the mall.(it would also be nice if the prices were lowered a bit
  • boycott HOT TOPIC: any one in pensacola florida area knows it hot topic is the dumbing of america selling "punk" shit but isnt punk supsoed to be anti-mainstreem ideas and thinking for yourself not shopping at a store called HOT TOPIC just listen to the name hot topic, usualy the hot topic is the cool thing to do so...
  • SAVE HOT TOPIC!: My mall wants to frikin SHUT DOWN HOT TOPIC. They say itz cause it offends people. Well offend my ass, where else can I buy all the crap i need and wear on a daily basis?????? what about all of the kids that need hot topic? it is the only location within 57 miles, and if your car is in da shop for da 2nd time you need to get there within a couple hours!!!! i don't care who you are. if you want hot topic to be available to like 30,000 teens in a suburb of san francisco, sign this...!
  • Bring "Hot Topic" down to Australia: BRING HOT TOPIC TO AUSTRALIA...!!

I think I'm going to sign "boycott HOT TOPIC" but only because I think dELiA*s rules!

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man, this is " like the biggest crisis ever!" personally i dont like hot topic and ive been in there. im not scared! its just that the workers, they are the ones who are scary. if u dont walk in all black, with a mo-hawk, and fairy wings ( trust me ive seen it!), then they give u the creepiest looks! so i guess i side w/ flordia. did i just say that? LOL

Posted by: roxyo | Mar 31, 2006 5:30:05 PM

well, then i only think that it's fair that there is some boycotting of 'abercrombie and fitch' and 'man alive.'
the people that work in the HT stores are just so rude... well i don't ever recall ever having rose petals thrown down at my feet when i enter a&f. the people that i've seen work at HT are kids (usually). THEY ARE KIDS - young, careless kids that probably have something better to do other than working. yes, punk is the dumbing of america - not lack of parenting or education.

Posted by: excel | Mar 31, 2006 6:20:51 PM

have you seen those 'vintage tees' that lotsa celebs wear. you can buy those at kitson, just like the celebs do, or you can go to hot topic and buy them from the same label co. (junk food) wow! don't believe me? see for yourself!! they have something for everyone!

Posted by: miu | Mar 31, 2006 6:35:00 PM

who still cares about hot topic anymore? if they need to change it id say make it a bit less cluttered in there, its hard to walk around. other than that i couldnt care less if they got rid of it or not

Posted by: Astronopolis | Mar 31, 2006 6:42:51 PM

The funny thing is you say that hot topic looks all dark from the outside BUT whenever I see Abercrombie or Hollister they look all dark inside like someone forgot to pay the electricity bill. I mean at least you notice Hot Topic when you pass by unlike A&F with it's lack of lighting. Hot Topic is pretty cool although poseurs go in there. I just like it for its humorous pop culture stuff.

Posted by: noma | Mar 31, 2006 7:45:14 PM

Ha. Aww, so funny. You guys are completely missing this post. That's the funny part.

Posted by: dirphi | Mar 31, 2006 7:57:28 PM

Fun fact, I was going to make some comment about how roxy mis-spelled florida as flordia, but at one point the sign on 275 south leading into the state said "Welcome to Flordia". No point in sharing, except to mock Jeb Bush, who approved the sign.

Posted by: sarah d. | Mar 31, 2006 8:23:30 PM

if you're afraid to go in there... then dont go in there. why control other people's lives?

maybe im afraid of a&f stores. so we might as well shut those down too right? wow. people are soo pathetic..

Posted by: wtff.. | Mar 31, 2006 11:03:56 PM


Posted by: 202 | Apr 2, 2006 2:07:34 PM

Why are you afraid of A&F? Their stuff is super cute. Are you afraid of Ralph Lauren, too?

Posted by: Emily | Apr 2, 2006 10:04:39 PM

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