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The Semi-Racist Local News Report That Shook the World (Wide Web)

Leprechaun_sketch_1 By now you've probably already seen the now-famous "Leprechaun Sighting" video somewhere on the Internets, and had a hearty chuckly at just how wacky those below-the-poverty-line people can really be.  But who knew what a pot o' gold of attetion this little bit of viral video would actually get?

There's the explanation of the "sighting".  The many, many t-shirts commemorating the classic sketch.  The music video remix.  The MySpace profile.  And of course the follow-up news report in which the action news team ponders the awesome power of this magical new invention called "the internet".

(some of these links provided by the Thighmaster)

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Yo, idiot. Check the facts before opening your mouth.


"03.30.06 - Attention Clay Aiken Fans, a non-confirmed release date for Clay Aiken's upcoming LP was accidentally posted this past weekend due to an internal mis-communication. Clay is currently in a studio working hard on his pending album. Title and release date are TBD. Sorry for the confusion!"

Posted by: Carol | Mar 30, 2006 4:00:36 PM

You commented on the wrong post, but thanks for the info!

Posted by: Jason Hartley | Mar 30, 2006 4:02:22 PM

Is this like some sick "telephone" game. Doesn't take long to actually think and come up with this:
This "complaint" was filed by ex-fans? Are you sure?.

*With about 10,000 internet fans and dozens of fan sites on the web not one real fan has been approached to join this "complaint". Why hasn't a single Clay fan been approached by these "fans" to join their complaint?

*This mailed letter contains first names and last initials and no actual addresses. The FTC specifically states that if no contact information is given they would be unable to follow up. These "fans" could have filed their complaint with real names and addresses and waited for a response from the FTC if they wished to really be taken seriously since all filings are private.

*A Press Release was circulated. Call me crazy but if you're afraid of harassment from "Claymates" why send out a press release? The complaint was never the goal. The press release was the goal so people like you would fall into the lazy trap and print this garbage.

*It was also a way to perpetrate the stereotypical homophobic nutty Claymate perception that the media seems to buy into - just check out the hater posts coming in now. Same stupidity doesn't make it accurate.

Oh, yeah, I'm also nonreligious and certainly not homophobic. Just a gay guy who fights too hard for gay rights and is sad to see how backward some of the gay community has become. Sometimes I feel like I've fallen into a stock company production of Boys In The Band. Oh, and Aiken can sing. And RCA isn't putting off his CD. Get a life. Scandals don't hurt record sales. Ever hear of R.Kelly?

Posted by: Linc | Mar 30, 2006 4:14:46 PM

I'm confused. Is Clay Aiken the leprechaun?

Posted by: Worker #3116 | Mar 30, 2006 4:46:46 PM

Hey that was me on the follow-up news report!

Buy my shirt and show your love for the leprechaun! Also I am not as stuggling as the news report says.


Posted by: Randor | Mar 30, 2006 5:34:07 PM

look in the tree,you'll see no leprechaun,look in the crowd,you'll see no high school diplomas.

Posted by: leeroy | Mar 30, 2006 7:47:33 PM

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