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SXSW: Hard-Hitting Questions With Paul Scheer

Our action news comedian Paul Scheer returns with more SXSW Music Festival coverage, this time using his street team skills to get to the bottom of some very important issues with indie rock darlings We Are Scientists, The Go! Team and Tapes 'N Tapes!

March 23, 2006 in Music | Permalink


I heard there was a stowaway on a plane going to SXSW... She wanted to see Paul Scheer that badly.

Posted by: People Paula | Mar 23, 2006 8:44:09 PM

i think im in love with mr. michael tapper's beard.

oh..tapes n'tapes!

Posted by: danielle! | Mar 27, 2006 11:36:03 PM

oh, chris cain... how i love thee... and paul scheer too. but mostly chris.

Posted by: justbelieve87 | Mar 28, 2006 3:17:54 PM

^move over bitch..chris is mine!!!

Posted by: ana | Mar 28, 2006 5:13:28 PM

danielle! said "i think im in love with mr. michael tapper's beard."

michael tapper actually won DIY's Beard of the Year.

Posted by: marie | Mar 28, 2006 5:39:53 PM

ok then, it seems as though keith is the only one left for me. What a dying shame..

Posted by: stevie | Mar 30, 2006 10:41:40 AM

It's okay, Marie, I am willing to take one for the team- I'll take Keith off your hands for ya! ;)

Posted by: Veronica | Apr 1, 2006 6:43:16 PM

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