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SIZZLER: RCA In Denial About Clay Aiken


Piper posted something about RCA and Clay Aiken. But RCA has attempted to put out the fire by putting this message on their website:

Attention Clay Aiken Fans, a non-confirmed release date for Clay Aiken's upcoming LP was accidentally posted this past weekend due to an internal mis-communication. Clay is currently in a studio working hard on his pending album. Title and release date are TBD. Sorry for the confusion!

I'm not buying it for a minute. I mean, what does "TBD" mean? And oh, he's "working hard" huh? Wink, wink. And what about that code word "confusion"? What else are people confused about? Don't be fooled. Clay Aiken loves rollercoasters, and it scares RCA.

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I'm sorry that Clay turned you down, but stop pickin' on him before I kick yer ass. Just kidding; I'll get Hank Hill to do that for me.

Posted by: barb | Mar 30, 2006 4:50:07 PM

Look....Best Week Ever can play the CYA game just as good as RCA can!

Who's fooling who, guys?!

Posted by: BWAH! | Mar 30, 2006 4:54:12 PM

If RCA were dropping Clay, he would have been dropped by now, quietly. Nice try.

Posted by: Lynn | Mar 30, 2006 4:58:06 PM


Wake me when there's actually a story.

Posted by: Caiydid | Mar 30, 2006 5:00:17 PM

Um, TBD means to be decided as in not named yet. Not unusual and you're really not that stupid are you? And yeah, he's finishing up the cd - no wink necessary. And no one else is confused except those of us wondering why gossip is obsessed over Clay's sexual identity. Scared - yeah, R. Kelly doesn't scare record companies. But Clay Aiken does? Why this obsession with Aiken? Those "too cool" gossip hacks think he's so unimportant but you just can't help looking for something to dish. Might as well admit it - you think he's hot and looking at that pic I gotta agree.

Posted by: Linc | Mar 30, 2006 5:02:17 PM

How moronic can you people get. That is what I am wondering right now and why the hate for Clay. He is a very decent human being and a very talented one at that. Oops, maybe you can't recognize decency and talent. In any event, whatever! The anticipation for millions of people will just keep growing. The CD will be a huge seller. You really are acting like morons. Give it up already.

Posted by: linc | Mar 30, 2006 5:06:02 PM

"The opinions expressed on this blog are the personal opinions of our bloggers, and in no way reflect the opinions of VH1, MTV Networks or Viacom. « "

Let's remember this as VH1 is not responsible for the bloggers who choose to perpetuate lies and rumors that have no basis is actuality. Anyone can post lies and get away with it. The question is WHY?

Posted by: marie | Mar 30, 2006 5:19:46 PM


Clay really LOVES rollercoasters, y'all!


Posted by: Rita C | Mar 30, 2006 5:30:24 PM

RCA posted a date and then removed it. They admit that on their own website.
They previously said the CD was gonna come out in May, the date was June 20, and now it is TBD = To Be Determined?

That is called a delay.

Posted by: Jackie B | Mar 30, 2006 5:36:36 PM

Wowza. I haven't seen people react this strongly to a blog since the Grey's Anatomy Fiasco of a few weeks ago. Seriously!

Posted by: sarah d. | Mar 30, 2006 6:17:39 PM

OMG, r u serious?? Clay's album has been delayed?? For realz?????????

I haven't seen a CD get pushed back since... like every other CD in the history of music!!!!1!!

WTF is the story here?


Posted by: Beatrix | Mar 30, 2006 7:12:15 PM

The TRUTH behind the lies:

Beavers On Idol

Anatomy of an Idol Smear Campaign
by James Shepherd (2006/03/30)


This is a follow up to my previous treatment of this subject - Clay Aiken and ClayNation Undergo New Round of Attacks.

Since that time, that National Enquirer piece has inspired even the reputable newspapers to begin to refer to the alleged sexual encounter between Clay Aiken and one John Paulus. But also, the alleged complaint to the FTC by nine ClayMates has somehow fueled the flames even more by giving more credibility to the story, and the reputable newspapers and other forms of media are beginning to refer to the incident as if there is something factual at the basis. (As for writing a rag-story, here are some interesting tips - link.)

Where there's smoke there's fire! Right? Or, maybe where there is smoke, it just means that there is a smokescreen in operation and there is no fire at all. But if people keep seeing smoke, what else should they think? What I will attempt to do in this article is walk right through the smoke and expose what is behind this whole mess.

Clay Aiken is a singer/performer about whom many are obsessed. Obsession is natural for those in his fan base - the term "fan" is derived from "fanatic." Therefore, Clay's fan base contain members at various levels of obsession to just mild interest. However, there are also what are called "anti-fans" of Clay Aiken. These are fans from other Idol fan bases who hate Clay's fans, for a variety of reasons, and center their hated upon Clay and his fan base. These anti-fans are obsessed with Clay too, but in a very negative direction. Fortunately, there are very few of these people.

However, there is another group of people sometimes overlooked as being obsessed with Clay Aiken. These people come from a portion of the gay community. They are huge fans of Clay, and sometimes they unite to share with one another their Clay Aiken obsession. The discussion board "Openly Clay" has been around for a long time. Some of its members are gay, and also, some of its members have this minor obsession about "outing" Clay, assuming that Clay is gay. They don't seem to believe Clay Aiken when he has stated that he is not gay. Most certainly it is their right to disbelieve Clay, but why be obsessed with an Idol who is a liar? It doesn't make much sense to me.

There simply seems to be this natural tendency to want to "out" Clay from some of his fans in the gay community. What makes it even more appealing to "out" Clay Aiken is that Clay has an evangelical Christian background. However, according to his autobiography, Learning To Sing, Clay has strong leanings towards the more liberal side of Christianity, so it would be a mistake to paint Clay Aiken with an evangelical Christian brush. In any event, it should be no secret that many evangelical Christians are known to be greatly opposed to the homosexual lifestyle. Some extremists from this group of people have gained a very unsavory reputation,

John Paulus, the source behind the National Enquirer article about Clay Aiken, seemed to have received his push into the limelight through Perez Hilton's website. Now if you peruse Hilton's website, you will find that it blends in quite well with the mentality behind the Enquirer - scandal, gossip, rumours and innuendo.

Recently, an alleged webcam shot of Clay Aiken was put up on Terry Goldman's very influential blog. The source is Paulus who claimed that this was a shot of Clay Aiken:

A photoshop expert duplicated the layer and used the "Exclusion" setting in Paint Shop Pro to bring up the manipulation that had been done. Now, when viewed, you will see a white line around the head indicating an insertion. When the photo is blown-up, the white line is even more noticeable:

John Paulus insists that this webcam is legitimate, but it's an obvious fake - (Paulus' comments from the Hilton website). This is simply a very poor photoshop job, but we shouldn't expect those who appear to want to maintain a scandal going to all have superb technical skills. Besides, where did Clay's big ears disappear to? Did he get an ear job recently?

There have been other gay columnists, like Billy Masters, who appear to have shown a "slight" obsession with Clay Aiken. This is not really a conspiracy but simply a reality in that some gay men in influential positions within the entertainment industry are more than willing to play along with the speculation of Clay Aiken and his alleged gayness. However, as for those they might support, as in Hilton supporting John Paulus, they might not be too scrupulous. But when it comes to scandal, rumour and innuendo, why be picky about one's sources.

This, of course, brings us back to the National Enquirer article that exposed Paulus' story about his alleged sexual encounter with Clay Aiken. How reliable is the reporter, Alan Butterfield of the National Enquirer? He allegedly has been the subject of several lawsuits, with at least one pending. And as for the kind of polygraph tests that the Enquirer administers, there is some question about their reliability since sometimes, allegedly, the test is taken more than once and the subject may sometimes receive anti-anxiety drugs to ensure that, for the second time, better results come about. (see link)

Some of the media picked up the Enquirer piece and made references to it. However, when those nine alleged Clay Aiken fans issued a press release that they were filing a complaint against BMG and RCA, more of the media treated the source of the story as having some sort of validity.

What people seem to be missing in this alleged lawsuit is that it is not a lawsuit but simply a complaint filed with the FTC, which by the way, would not even be considered by the FTC since the complainants' identities can not be confirmed. But when it comes to rags like the National Enquirer and lawsuits, it's usually the case that the Enquirer gets sued. But in this case, nine people are only filing a complaint based upon the strength of an article from this rag. How silly can these nine people be? However, anyone can issue a press release. Personally, I find it hard to believe that even one person would take any serious action based upon "facts" from a National Enquirer article. But if there are nine of them, how in the world did they find each other, considering that their combined IQ must be far less than their shoe size?

Up to now, all we have heard are allegations from a few scandal websites and a scandal magazine, and a press release that a complaint has been filed with the FTC. So, sometimes where there is smoke, there is a fire; sometimes it's just a smokescreen where there is no fire at all; and sometimes, the source of the smoke is just a burning dung-hill.

Posted by: truth now | Mar 31, 2006 12:21:51 AM

Clay Aiken is my favorite male singer and male entertainer. Clay Aiken is the greatest and the best male musical artist ever!!! Clay Aiken Rules!!!

Posted by: Ann | Mar 31, 2006 6:51:52 AM

who cares we love him and love the voice god gave him.i wish they would find someone other than him to pick on.clay sing on we love you.rca will make lots of money off his new cd.

Posted by: nancy rodriguez | Mar 31, 2006 7:10:10 AM

In typical Claynation fashion, the finger gets pointed at everyone else: John Paulus, Openly Clay, the media, etc etc. Everyone, that is, except Clay Aiken. Clay is a gay man who has used the internet to meet other men for a very long time - pre-Idol even. There is NOTHING - I repeat NOTHING - wrong with an adult doing that.

There is, however, something wrong with presenting yourself to the public as a heterosexual Christian who promotes "waiting until marriage" when in fact you are a homosexual Christian who is very sexually active. And there is where the finger should be pointed - straight at Clay Aiken.

But unfortunately, that will never be done until this fandom's vocal tirades forces Clay's hookups to say "enough!" and provide mainstream proof. And that day is coming a lot quicker than you think.

Posted by: Kyle | Mar 31, 2006 8:21:06 AM

This shit is getting old. No, its beyond old. Leave the man alone, for fuck's sake.

Posted by: barb | Mar 31, 2006 8:44:20 AM

I don't know what he ever did to deserve this, except threaten to outsell "other" Idols, so their "grouchy" fans feel it necessary to ruin his career. Come on. Who gives a shit who outsellls who? At least "Claymates" don't feel it necessary to tear down one Idol to ensure the success of their's. I can't say the same for other Idol fans (like Kelly Clarkson's, for example).

I mean, seriously. This has gotten beyond stupid, and the more bloggers keep posting about it, the more unbelieveable it gets. How stupid are these people (that's rhetorical by the way, since there isn't any lower form of life than Internet gossip blogging whores).

Posted by: Kit | Mar 31, 2006 8:50:19 AM

Give it a break already! We all know Mr. Paulus "planted" a story in order to get his porn career started. And for those uninformed, TBD is and always has been used on most upcoming CD's. Release dates and especially titles of the CD's are listed as TBD when things are not yet set in stone and definite. Check out the photos of his wardrobe fittings for his photoshoot for the CD. (By the way those are REAL photos and NOT "PHOTOSHOPPED" like the absolutely amateur one being put out as REAL) Give it a break will ya? Now they are starting in on Ace Young of this year's American Idol and questioning his sexuality. And don't think for a minute that your campaign to smear Clay Aiken is not being investigated. All I would suggest, be very careful who you chat with on your smear sites.

Posted by: Angela | Mar 31, 2006 8:59:50 AM

You're right Sizzler...Clay does love rollercoasters. Remember the one he rode with John Dahlstrom on his VH1 special? That ride lasted a very loooooong time.

Ride hard Clay!!

Posted by: Chris | Mar 31, 2006 9:41:02 AM

The Claymate brigade insist the stories must be plants and conspiracy, the stories are all lies, the pics must be photoshopped! They scream, holler and insist there is no proof. Like it isn't proof enough? Have you ever seen such a bunch of whiny babies in your life? The claymates demanding proof are the ones determined to out him and drag him through the mud whatever it takes, damn the consequences.

Posted by: Lisette | Mar 31, 2006 6:11:49 PM

There's been a correction on the RCA site:

"03.30.06 - Attention Clay Aiken Fans, an unconfirmed target release date for Clay Aiken's upcoming LP was accidentally posted on this site over the weekend. Clay is currently in a studio working hard on his new album. Title and release date are TBD. Sorry for the confusion!"

"A non-confirmed release date" has now been changed to "an unconfirmed target release date." Does that help clarify things?

Posted by: Fact Checker | Mar 31, 2006 11:54:52 PM

"unconfirmed target release date" = sounds about as definitive as a magic 8-ball. "Answer hazy. Try again later".

Posted by: NancyA | Apr 1, 2006 1:39:31 PM

This just in.
The Santa Fe Reporter.,
March 31, 2006

A Hollywood reporter on the set of the Jessica Simpson movie, "Employee of the Month," reports that the soon divorced Mrs. Lachey was entertaining Clay Aiken day and night in her trailer. The couple, both Christians, were seen out and about at "Fool's Paradise", a local pub, where patrons reported lots of hand-holding and lip-locking took place. This is helping to fuel unconfirmed rumors circulating under the radar screen that Simpson recorded a duet with Clay on Aiken's soon-to-be-released follow-up to "Measure of a Man," tentatively entitled "To Be Determined," and other unconfirmed reports say that the Simpson/Aiken duet is to be the love theme on the soundtrack of the Simpson movie.

In recent weeks, Simpson has indicated her desire to adopt children and immediately Clay Aiken came to mind, since she knows of his love for and work with children.

In a possibly related report, over at VH-1 there is talk of "Newlyweds 2", a project that is rumored to star Simpson and begin with an extravagant premiere episode of her next walk down the aisle in a star-studded wedding (with Clay perhaps?), and feature actual Honeymoon footage, and into her new marriage. VH-1 wouldn't confirm who Simpson's next husband might be, but did hint that he has a sure fire smash hit in the works and that the day Simpson met him it was a "Perfect Day".

Lots of pics - http://www.wireimage.com/GalleryListing.as...16584&styp=clbi

Stay tuned...

Posted by: Reporter | Apr 1, 2006 3:54:49 PM

The stores won't know what hit them when his next cd comes out.People don't want to mess with the Claymates.I wish more people were like Clay.WHO CARES ABOUT HIS SEXUALITY!! THE MAN CAN SING!! All I can say is Ruben who?,Fantasia who? Clay may have started out on AI but he has grown so much since then.He truly is an entertainer.

Posted by: Jennife Rotterman | Apr 1, 2006 3:57:24 PM

Nancy Rodriguez must be a faithful follower of all newsworthy truths reported in such fine publications as National Enquier, Star etc. The only person who knows Clays sexuality is CLAY!!! Perhaps NR should keep her nose out of it all together. Some people are actually who and what they say they are. Clay is just that.
Get a life NR

Posted by: Sonny | Apr 3, 2006 10:34:52 PM

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