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SIZZLER: Brangelina's Italian Wedding?


While the jaded American press is convinced that Angelina and Brad are already married, those fun-loving, optimistic Italians are still holding out for a wedding invitation.

According to Italian press, the couple will be married on a "traditional boat" in Lake Como on March 18th. In the meantime the Paparazzi is keeping a close eye on George Clooney's Lake Como Villa. You can watch footage of the couple and read more about the story if you speak Italian. If you don't you'll have to settle for pictures of the couple after the jump and a lifetime of mispronouncing 'mozzarella.'


Angelina baptizes Maddox in a restaurant in Berlin


It's not fair! The couple only pay attention to new baby Zahara, but act like Paparazzi aren't even there.

(photos by Sean Gallup for Getty Images)

March 10, 2006 in Sizzler | Permalink


I wonder if Angelina will accessorize her garter with Brad's missing gonads?

Posted by: Kat | Mar 10, 2006 5:07:31 PM

You know what? I am tired of seeing Brad getting on with his life. Jennifer Aniston should talk to Sally Struthers and rent a kid for 50 cents a day. Forget sporting mohawks on this kid. I wanna see "corn rolls"!! That'll show Angelina!

Posted by: Bryant Pino | Mar 12, 2006 2:30:22 AM

it's "corn rows", doofus

Posted by: leroy | Mar 13, 2006 9:14:42 AM

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