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Sharon Stone Knows What People Want


As everyone knows, Sharon Stone is going to be super extra nude in Basic Instinct 2. But she wants to tell you herself as well:

"People are just sitting there going, like, 'I don't care what she's saying. I don't care what she's saying. I just want to know is she getting naked? Is she getting naked in that movie? Is she naked? Nude? Nude? Naked? Do I see her boobies?"' the actress, now 48, told reporters, laughingly. "So let's just get through to that. Yes! And now that I've cleared that up, let's just go to the next question, because nobody cares about anything else, really," she said.

I guess that's true because the article ends without a next question!

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Posted by: Small Fry | Mar 8, 2006 4:16:13 PM

Online video clips of her super extra nude @ http://www.basicinstinct2.net

Posted by: Lucky Man | Mar 9, 2006 1:19:57 AM

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