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REMAKING OUT: The Re-Makes We'd Like to See

Kotter Dimension Films is adapting Welcome Back, Kotter for the big screen, but with...wait for it...Ice Cube in the title role.

And what about remaking Dallas, but with Jennifer Lopez!  Forget JR, just wait until America has to wrap its mind around "Who shot J. Lo?"

In celebration of Hollywood's willingness to put forth that extra bit of creative energy and originality by re-making every movie and television show in existence, your friends here at Best Week Ever are starting a new segment in which we beg and plead for the moviemakers to microwave the entertainment WE'D like to see again and again.

For this week's installment, in honor of the above announcements: TV Shows reimagined...but with black people instead of white people!

Original Show: WKRP In Cincinnati
New Title: Droppin' Hits
Concept: This classic radio station workplace comedy gets "hipped up" with an edgy, urban new cast, now working at a hip-hop station on satellite radio (to keep things modern!) 
Suggested Cast: Wayne Brady as the Wacky DJ, Charles S. Dutton as the curmudgeonly programming director and Tyra Banks as the foxy new receptionist.

Original Show: Perfect Strangers
New Title: Get Up Out My Crib, Yo!
Concept: When Balki, a sheepherder from Nigeria, arrives in Philadelphia in search of his long lost family, he ends up forming an unlikely partnership with cousin-turned-roommate Larry, an uptight stock broker.
Suggested Cast:  Orlando Jones as Balki Bartokomous, Carlton from the Fresh Prince as Larry Appleton.

Original Show: Night Court
New Title: Off the Court
Concept: In this wacky urban courtroom, ex-NBA star-turned-judge Harry Stone presides over an endless parade of gang members, drug abusers and deadbeat parents - giving out his life-affirming, homespun wisdom before handing out sentences.  Luckily he has the supporting cast of inept civic employees and corrupt attorneys to help him along the way.  Also, this would be re-imagined as a gritty urban drama inspired by (all too many) true stories.
Suggested Cast: Morgan Freeman as Judge Harry Stone, Michael Clarke Duncan as Bull the Bailiff, Jamie Foxx as Asst. DA Fleming.

Original Show: Cheers
New Title: In Da Club
Concept:  A light-hearted comedy telling the story of club owner Lil' D and her crowd of ubiquitous party-loving patrons at Hennessy Williams, a popular nightclub in Brooklyn.  D also has a love-hate relationship with Sammy Smooth, her studly-but-sassy bartender.
Suggested Cast:  Lil' Kim as Lil' D, Will Smith as Sammy Smooth, Anthony Anderson as Norm, Denzel Washington as Dr. Frasier Crane and Queen Latifah as Carla the Waitress

Original Show: Seinfeld
New Title: Chappelle
Concept: The continuing misadventures of a neurotic comedian and his gang of equally-neurotic friends in New York.
Suggested Cast: Dave Chappelle as himself, Wanda Sykes as Elaine the whiny love-interest-turned-friend, Busta Rhymes as "Busta" the wacky neighbor, Cedric the Entertainer as George the overweight self-loathing loser. 

Original Show: My Two Dads
New Title: My Two Baby Daddies
Concept: A "road comedy" about a teenage girl who, after geting pregnant by two seperate men (one black, one white), takes her wacky family with her on a madcap tour of daytime talk shows, living out their hilarious family dramas for bored white housewives to watch on national television.
Suggested Cast: Brandy as the girl, Eddie Griffin as Baby Daddy #1, Kevin Federline as Baby Daddy #2

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Original Show: American Chopper
New Title: Pimp My Ride


Posted by: Jive-Turkey | Mar 14, 2006 4:45:58 PM

Heh...I'd actually watch "Chappelle" if that were a real show.

Posted by: K. Thomas | Mar 14, 2006 11:17:50 PM

So um...BWE vs. E News Live? I just saw all these stories on that show and um....I officially have no life or a life worth repeating, good thing I'm not hindooo. Seacrest OUT, already. Jesus.

Posted by: DejaVoodoo | Mar 15, 2006 12:32:33 AM

...But, who would play Markie Post's role in the Night Court remake?

Posted by: J.D. | Mar 20, 2006 7:42:49 AM

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