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Real World: Podunk?


Look, I will always watch the Real World, whether it takes place on a tropical island or in a bunker in Libya. But I can't help noticing, the cities they're basing the shows in are getting less and less, well, cool.

Paris, San Francisco, New York, Hawaii. There was a time when people wanted to get on the show just to live in a really cool place. But somewhere around Boston or even Chicago, the locations lost their "wow" factor. And then came Philadelphia. I'm sure it's a great place if you're born and raised there, but in spite of its Liberty Bell, it's not a mecca for youthful discovery. And as pretty as Key West must be, when Jimmy Buffett is a town's biggest star, it doesn't bode well for young urban hipsters.

But now for the breaking news: next season of the Real World will reportedly take place on the campus of Lake Superior State University in Michigan! Is this some kind of joke? I'm sure northern Michigan is beautiful, but I'm positive the moose population out-numbers humans 5 to 1. Nevertheless as long there's booze, jocks and a hot tub, I will always be a humble servant of the Real World.

(in the meantime check out gratuitous pics of the Key West crew at a recent Miami fashion show after the jump)

Meanwhile, the cast of Key West are enjoying their newfound fame, now that they've been released in the real real world. Here they are at a fashion show in for Miami's Ocean Drive magazine.





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I think that real world in Lake Superior State U may be an April Fool's joke... just me?

Posted by: ellie | Mar 31, 2006 8:13:46 PM

Look at Paula's thighs! Argh!

Posted by: People Paula | Mar 31, 2006 8:52:44 PM

There, uh, aren't any moose in the U.P.

Posted by: Suz | Mar 31, 2006 11:14:59 PM

i don't know that it's fair to single out philadelphia as the death of the "wow" factor. That came around season 5 with miami. Sure it's night life is alright if you live an hour outside of it and drive in every 2 weeks, but who would want to live there, and who cares to watch the kind of people on tv that DO want to live there? And then came boston, seattle (i can't believe you didn't make light of the excitement THIS place has to offer!), hawaii (beautiful but boring), san diego (i'm not to familiar with california cities, but from watching the real world seasons, san diego, san francisco, and LA all seemed like the same place) etc. etc.

But yeah.... key west was definitely a stumble. The whole place is a terrible ghetto other than about 4 square blocks that are packed with cheap t-shirt shops with marijuana puns on them.

and as far as i know, the next real world is in detroit, not the middle of nowhere. but still... detroit?!?!?! ugh

Posted by: matt | Apr 1, 2006 12:30:54 PM

I read a while back that they were filming the Real World now in Detroit.

Posted by: Mr. X | Apr 1, 2006 6:07:04 PM

Worst.Idea.Ever. They should do it in Ann Arbor if anywhere. Or better yet, Stop all together!

Posted by: Amanda | Apr 1, 2006 9:33:28 PM

The Rumor here in Michigan is that the production company responsible for The Real World had purchased a large loft in Royal Oak, MI. For those located outside of the hand-shaped-state, Royal Oak is NOT Detroit, it is a suburb nestled safely away from DTW along I96. It IS however, the most preppie, trendy, rich-kid town - what the Gold Coast of Chicago would be if the Gold Coast was populated mainly with 20-somethings.

Apparently TRW will still call it "The Real World: Detroit," probably because "TRW: Royal Oak" would just not sound as good.

Sadly, this will create all sorts of false images about DTW, since most of America doesn't realize that DTW is a wasteland.

My two cents, from a transplanted Illini stuck in MI.

Posted by: Sarah | Apr 3, 2006 10:13:16 AM

I would want to live in Key West if
1. I didn't have a "Real" job.
2. I was expected to drink every night.
3. I had an awesome pool and lived in a mansion on the water.
I don't know what you're smokin, it sounds like a great 3 month vacation to me!

Posted by: Erin | Apr 3, 2006 3:00:49 PM

Hey jackass, philadelphia has tons to offer. Unfortunately, the cast of lazy, drunk slobs chose not to partake in all the fabulous things this city has for young people.

Posted by: alison | Apr 3, 2006 3:28:18 PM

Huh? First of all, Royal Oak is nowhere near I96, it's off of I75. But, yeah, that's the rumor, that the RW is filming there. Amanda, I must be older than you, because what you call Trendy, Preppy Rich Kids, looks to me when I go to Royal Oak at night, to just be slutty, drunken college girls with fake tans wearing their shirts too tight. If you don't like Detroit, why don't you go back to Illinois? The city may be a wasteland. I'll give you that. But, there are some very nice suburbs. And the state of Michigan, once you get north, is very pretty. Again, if you don't like the area, stop b*tching and leave.

Posted by: Suburban Detroiter | Apr 3, 2006 4:02:55 PM

Royal Oak is soooooo NOT Detroit, most people have went over this, so I don't have to. RO is where I-696 and I-75 (2 of the most heavily traveled interstates in Michigan) meet, so obviously it's a busy area. The downtown itself is quite vibrant at night, and obviously much safer than Detroit proper. Royal Oak itself isn't the most impressive city, however 10 minutes away you'll find Bloomfield Hills / Birmingham / Troy

this taken from wikipedia.org -
Bloomfield Hills is the fourth richest city in the United States with more than 1,000 households. It is the richest city outside of California or Florida. It is located in the Midwest's wealthiest county, Oakland County. The city is 14 miles outside of the center of Detroit.

So there you have it...one of the richest cities in America is only 10 minutes away, and they are in the wealthiest county in the midwest. MTV just got done filming an episode of 'My Super Sweet Sixteen' in BH, which will air this season. So again, they're not in Detroit...by any means. My suggestion would be they call the season 'Real World: The REAL OC' because recent studies have found Oakland County, MI is richer than Orange County, CA. Or RW: Main Street b/c the loft being built is on the corner of 11 mile and Main St. in Royal Oak.

oh and p.s. I was in RO the other day and snapped a couple pictures of the loft...it's not even close to being completed, so it will be at least a couple of months before they start filming (assuming they are still planning on a season there).

Posted by: J_suf | Apr 8, 2006 8:43:19 PM

TRW:Detroit will begin filiming in May, and yes it is in Royal Oak, I don't know about you guys...but Royal Oak's night life seems alot nicer than Austins. Plus, anyone that knows RO knows that it is amazing in the Spring/Summer.

P.S...I will have sex with one of the girls on the show.

Posted by: Mosmack | Apr 25, 2006 11:52:53 AM

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