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Questionable PR Move of The Week

Basic_instinct_2_1 Why would anybody possibly go see Basic Instinct 2 this weekend?

1) They were dared to.
2) They're into older women. Like much older women.
3) The wife won't let them watch porn at home.
4) They remember seeing bits of pieces of the first one on HBO when they were a kid and want to see if it's still enough to get them off.

I can't think of anymore. Okay, so that leads to the questionable PR move of the weak. The deleted sex scenes from Basic Instinct 2 have been "leaked" onto the internet, begging the question: if these were the scenes that were cut out of the film, why would anybody possibly pay $10 to see a tamer, lamer version in theaters? The plot?? No way! It'd be like buying the Paris Hilton sex tape but only watching that annoying scene where she's putting on makeup in the bathroom. Come on MGM, get it together. Why go buy the old, wrinkly cow when you can get the milk for free? [save yourself some money and watch the NSFW scenes here]

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Guess what? The site got shut down by angry Sony lawyers. Booooooooo!

Posted by: Dave Silva | Mar 31, 2006 4:17:13 PM

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