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BWE'S Michael Douglas' Beard Photoshop Contest


Today the New York Times declared THE BEARD IS BACK. While we don't think it ever went away, we are thrilled to see everyone from males models to celebrities sporting the fisherman-chic 'do.  But while aged-to-perfection manly men like Michael Douglas and George Clooney can carry a big bushy barrel o' beard, other celebrities can't even sprout a sprig of facial hair. But thanks to our Michael Douglas's Beard Photoshop contest, you can see what your favorite hairless stars would like if they had the fierce testosterone of the Basic Instinct star.

Grab a Michael Douglas beard after the jump put it on anyone you think could use it.

Also check out some more stars we'd like to see grow beards...





Get yer Michael Douglas Beard here!

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beards in blogs- check it out:

Posted by: hank | Mar 24, 2006 11:00:09 AM

screw beards!
get yourself a mustache!


Posted by: The Handlebar | Mar 26, 2006 2:05:11 PM

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