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Britney Statue Goes To Eternia


Something horrible has happened to our beloved pro-life Britney Statue. Click below to take a look. Honestly... I did not see this one coming.


Skeletor! No! Leave pro-life Britney alone!

Link via The Thighmaster.

March 27, 2006 in Pop Culture | Permalink


why are there no pics of the business end of this statue. i would like to witness the glorious moment of birth. (wink)

Posted by: bob | Mar 27, 2006 6:16:04 PM

I understand about the pro-life thing, but Britney Spears?! Eww.

Posted by: V.M.L. | Mar 27, 2006 6:24:43 PM

Didn't Britney have a planned c-section? The description says it shows Sean's head crowning.

Posted by: Holly | Mar 27, 2006 7:33:45 PM

PRO-CHOICE still gets my vote. Support a woman's right to choose!!!

Posted by: Philly | Mar 27, 2006 9:17:57 PM

I think it's hillarious that she's holding a DEAD BEAR'S HEAD! Muhahahahaha... how long until her PETA buddies get ahold of that one?

..who knew you were supposed to give birth doggie style? :)

Posted by: Andy | Mar 29, 2006 7:45:14 PM

that fucking pethetic people need to stop using britney for publicity she should sue pro life ass

Posted by: jessica | Mar 30, 2006 4:13:26 PM

I just read another blog and someone who knew a person that works at the gallery told them that the statue has a small amount of fecal matter coming out of the rear!!!! WOW! I guess that is normal during birth! I had no clue!

Posted by: stacey | Mar 31, 2006 2:00:28 PM

Here is a link to the back view of the statue...


Posted by: Britters | Apr 7, 2006 10:45:03 AM

dammit, i was hoping that link was goatse :(

Posted by: Danny | Apr 7, 2006 12:54:57 PM

Actually, giving birth on all fours can considerably speed up the process as it uses gravity to assist. And yeah, she did have an elective C-section, so what the.....?

Posted by: Sassie_L | Apr 7, 2006 6:57:47 PM

I just don't know. This sculpture is totally fucked up. I mean...what the hell where they THINKING???

Posted by: Marina | Apr 7, 2006 7:41:12 PM

The view from the back looks like a miss carriage to me.

Posted by: Gynae Colin Gist | Apr 8, 2006 10:15:29 PM

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