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While You Were Contemplating the Meaning of "Hump Day"

  • Brokeback Mountain will be released in Jamaica, despite homosexuality being illegal in the island nation.  So, to recap: getting high all day and listening to Marley - legal, mon.  Not being able to quit your rodeo buddy - illegal, mon.Harrisonaction
  • When asked why he chose to make Firewall, Harrison Ford responded by saying, "I like to play a real person who has a real life and family."  And whose real life family is in constant threat from terrorists who he must save them from, over and over again. 
  • Time Inc. has launched Office Pirates, it's "edgy" new "humor" website with "hilarious" content like what life would be like if your female co-workers all just wore bras, how annoying bosses are and why working in a cubicle sucks.  Now that I think about it, offices ARE really funny.  Someone should make a movie about that and call it Office Space, or maybe a TV show about one really funny office. 
  • The mating habits of the albino hippopotamus Pregnant Gwyneth Paltrow sunbathing at a pool.
  • Kid Rock/Scott Stapp sue to stop distribution of their sex tape, break the virginal hearts of Christian Rock fans across the country.

February 22, 2006 | Permalink


As a virginal hearted Christian rock fan, I feel as though I must say, Creed sucks.
Most Christian rock fans I know do not even consider Creed to be Christian music.
I, personally, barely consider Creed to be music at all.

Posted by: Amy | Feb 22, 2006 3:17:04 PM

Amen to that!

Posted by: Jason Hartley | Feb 22, 2006 3:20:30 PM

it's music. totally suck azz craptacular music. but music nonetheless

Posted by: shelly | Feb 22, 2006 5:13:37 PM

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