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Tom Cruise Lawsuit Refresher Course


It's being reported that Tom Cruise might be thinking about perhaps suing Life & Style and biographer Andrew Morton. Since it's been a little while since Tom Cruise has sued anybody, I thought I would refresh your memory about  some of his lawsuits so you'll be prepared for the new ones, should they indeed happen:

  • The wrestler: Cruise sued Chad Slater (an "erotic wrestler" who goes by the name Kyle Bradford) for $100 million. Verdict: Cruise wins (but not for full amount).
  • The sex coach: Cruise sued the Star tabloid for a story claiming they had "needed a sex coach for their steamy scenes in Stanley Kubrick's film, Eyes Wide Shut." Verdict: settled, retraction printed.

  • The Cruise cruise: In 2001, Cruise sued Bold magazine publisher Michael Davis, who had offered a $500-million bounty for "compromising photos of Cruise cruising," and claimed to have obtained a "videotape of Cruise in flagrante homo delicto." Verdict:  The magazine retracts and "Cruise dropped his suit in exchange for a promise from Davis to never again state or imply that Cruise is anything but a heterosexual."
  • The impotence: Cruise sued the British newspaper The Express in 1998 after it "alleged that Cruise was either impotent or sterile." Verdict: The paper paid £350,000 and apologized.
  • The coincindence?: Cruise considered suing the German magazine Bunte for saying he has a zero sperm count. Verdict: calls off suit when "executives died in plane crash."

So what we can gather from this is that if you print something about Tom Cruise, you better make sure it's true. Otherwise he will sue and he will win.

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Last I heard, Tom Cruise was also trying to figure out a way to sue South Park for airing the "Trapped in the Closet" episode, or at least he was trying to get them to not play it on TV anymore.

...guess not, though.

Posted by: K. Thomas | Feb 21, 2006 4:18:12 PM

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