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LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever

  • Southbystereogum_thumb Stereogum is gearing up for his big SXSW brouhaha with a couple new tracks from Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
  • A catchy track from Essex Green over at BWE favorite You Ain't No Picasso
  • Not exactly a download, but if you can't make it to South By Southwest Music Festival in Austin this year, check out the next best thing - the SXSW Player!
  • Gorilla vs. Bear has a track from Destroyer's amazing new album, Destroyer's Rubies
  • The Rawking Refuses To Stop (one of the most awesome blog names ever) posted three pop gems from the relatively unheard-of, but really catchy band Track A Tiger

February 28, 2006 in Music | Permalink


is that hosted by BWE's Paul Scheer???

Posted by: zzz | Feb 28, 2006 2:38:06 PM

damn, "rawking" is the best fucking blog. good call on giving him props!

Posted by: Greg | Mar 1, 2006 3:42:13 AM

I agree with the poster above. Rawking is the best music blog out there. Props to Dave Greenwald and BWE!

Posted by: Alfred | Mar 1, 2006 4:23:53 AM

While it's great you are covering what's happening in the music/mp3 blog world, you are covering the TITANS of it. Keep a look out for us little ones, sometimes we have great content as well.

Posted by: Ashe | Mar 2, 2006 1:49:03 PM

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