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Eye on Fashion Week

It's Fashion Week here in New York City and supermodels like Naomi, Heidi and Kate are parading around in skimpy, sexy swimwear for all the top designers' newest lines.

While we couldn't score a front row seat to Michael Kors' runway show and Heatherette claimed they didn't have any more chairs left even though we said we'd stand, we managed to get the scoop on a new swimwear label that's breaking all the fashion rules...

Introducing Wholesomewear: the modest line of skirted swimswuits, designed to "highlight the face and not the body." The swimsuits comes in three styles:

Culotte Culotte   Skrited Skirted  Slimming Slimming

All styles pair perfectly with a straw hat:


And the seperate undergarments come in several different designs :

Cu_sm_blueparadisepink  Floral      Sl_sm_blacksunsetfloral    Sunset       Sl_sm_bluenightsongNight Song

For now the collection is focused on beachwear but the label may produce a line of PJ's and communion dresses for next year's Fashion Week.

Tune in tomorrow when we're backstage getting all the latest gossip at the Kathy Ireland runway show.

February 3, 2006 | Permalink


its the lastest rage in Salt lake City and at BYU

Posted by: tracy | Feb 3, 2006 3:50:09 PM

Ewwwww! These things are sick! I wouldnt be caught dead in one of them!

Posted by: Rose | Feb 3, 2006 9:16:32 PM

Oh come on, give me a break! I mean, if its 90 degrees outside no one wants that big old thing on! Just wear a one piece!

Posted by: Kim | Feb 4, 2006 2:33:53 AM

I think that they are...unique. If someone is not comfortable with there body, then go ahead. Bu I think that if your not comfortable wiht yourself where a t-shirt or a one piece. What if your parents bought you something like that? I would have died form embarassment!!!

Posted by: maddie | Feb 4, 2006 8:37:29 PM

The "slimming" style doesn't seem to be living up to its name.

Posted by: Bill | Feb 5, 2006 10:07:18 PM

And the thing is, "Culote" in spanish means "Big Ass"

Posted by: Zero | Feb 6, 2006 10:50:46 AM

this doesn't 'accent your face', it makes you look like a fat lard.

Posted by: olivia | Feb 6, 2006 7:06:14 PM

omg , butt ugly!! Who would wear that? If your that insecure see a shrink! i would rather have people see me in a bathing suit and think "shes fat" then to be seen in a friggin radiolodgy suit...it looks like what they put on you at the dentist when they ex-ray your teeth :P

Posted by: Madison | Feb 7, 2006 6:10:55 PM

ok im sorry, no wait im not, but what are those?

Posted by: anne onimus | Mar 17, 2006 10:56:37 PM

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