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Celebrity Fit Club: New Cast, Old Characters


The potential new cast of Celebrity Fit Club 4 was leaked on several blogs today. While the new crop of dieters will bring their own baggage, based on the past 3 seasons, the producers have already type-cast each candidate. Here's our guess as to which role each character will fill.

Shar Jackson

  • Role: Woman wronged, picking up the pieces. A lovable character who needs Fit Club to air her problems with men and get back on track
  • Past Show Equivalents: Countess Vaughn, Victoria Jackson

Sally Struthers

  • Role: The really fat one who has to sit out on exercises and forces the show to bring in real doctors
  • Past Show Equivalents: Bruce Villanche, Phil Margera, Biz Markie

Jennifer Tilly 

  • Role: The sexy one. She provides ample T&A and gratuitous flirting with Dr. Smith
  • Past Show Equivalents: Kelly Lebrock, Toccara Jones

Lisa Welchel

  • Role: The blast from the past/ Breakdown girl. Based on her views on child-rearing and her former acting career, I think Welchel has a two-pronged task: referencing her famous sitcom(The Facts of Life) regularly, and providing a few psychotic breakdowns.
  • Past Show Equivalents: Young MC (blast from past), Mia Tyler(breakdown girl), Tempest Blesdoe(a little of both)

Phil Margera

  • Role: The comeback kid. Still Fat, back for more.
  • Past Show Equivalents: Wendy the Snapple Lady

Vince Neil

  • Role: Bad-boy 80's rocker turned good. Everyone is expecting him to f-up but he's out to prove he's clean, sober and overly enthusiastic about running in a giant plastic bubble.
  • Past Show Equivalents: Gunnar Nelson, Jani Lane (post meltdown)

Corey Haim

  • Role: The Holy Sh*t Factor. The apex of every CFC, the show will rely on Haim to OD and discover god mid-show--hopefully while standing on a scale before the judges. Undoubtedly the star of the show, we hope for his trouble, Haim gets the biggest salary.
  • Past Show Equivalents: William Baldwin, Jeff Conaway, Willie Aemes, Jani Lane

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So who's gonna be the eighth fat ass?

Posted by: Larmore | Mar 21, 2006 2:26:49 PM

Hey vh1.... how about an update show on all of the other episodes!!!

Posted by: B | Apr 10, 2006 8:14:06 PM

I heard today on Adam Corrola's radio show that Isaac from the love boat, and Tina Yothers were to be on. This was per Isaac from the loveboat who was a guest on the show.

Posted by: michelle | Apr 24, 2006 3:31:09 PM

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