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Are Fat Kids Having the Best Week Ever?


The kids of MTV's Fat Camp are the talk of the town or at least of this blog. For those of you who haven't yet caught the special, imagine Laguna Beach sprinkled with the Biggest Loser and sauteed in Wet Hot American Summer to create meal of high-calorie fun. 

While there's mysteriously no Fat Camp details on the MTV's homepage, we're providing a temporary outpost for all things Camp Pocono Trails.  With our readers' help we hunted down the amazing Myspace pages of Chelsea, Matt and (ladies' choice) Petey. Note the Smirnoff bottles, the pop songs and the bikini clad models they splash all over their profiles.  Judging from their pages, they're  ready to rock n' roll as MTV stars, so lets help make them famous.   

February 20, 2006 in TV | Permalink


Hell yeah these fat fuckers are having the best week ever!!! No doubt, they MUST be featured on your show (especially Dianne and Petey)


Posted by: Joe Mama | Feb 21, 2006 4:45:10 PM

These fat tub of lards are disgusting.

Posted by: Mr. Trainer | Feb 21, 2006 8:30:30 PM

I think you forget sometimes..that these ARE real people...with REAL feelings, and REAL issues..

Posted by: Unknown | Feb 22, 2006 12:54:33 AM

wow your fuckin gay if you call me a fat fuck i bet you anythign you wouldnt say it to my face you fuckin loser

Posted by: petey | Feb 22, 2006 1:29:05 AM

how r u gonna call them fat fuckers you stupid bitch. i went to that camp to- that place is ill son! & im sure ur not that skinny either.. shoo your face bitch.

holy shyt i hate the haters!

Posted by: bexx | Feb 22, 2006 1:50:15 AM

ummm...how about the fat camp show is the best show ever...dianne is the funniest individual ive ever seen...im gonna go to fat camp just so i can meet kids like that lol..much love to the campers <3

Posted by: caterina | Feb 22, 2006 1:55:09 AM

actually, i know petey and he doesnt have real feelings. he was exactly like the show portrayed him, and thats why we love him

Posted by: luke | Feb 22, 2006 2:03:12 AM

hey waz goin on. i thought that show was mad cool and it seems really fun at that camp. u should kno all those fuckin haters at home watchin are just jealous cuz they fat and they dont ever get off their lazy ass n work out.

Posted by: Cheyanne | Feb 22, 2006 2:10:34 AM

petey if u read this im a 16y/o from ny and i was wondering if u were single because if u are i think that u are a very sexy ind. and i would really like to be ur wife.. so please call me 716 698 1303.

Posted by: stephanie | Feb 22, 2006 7:26:52 AM

I LOVED Fat Camp...and I love Petey and Chels and the other kids too!! They deserve this fame...they went thru a lot of bullshit to get here, and now theyre LOViN it!!
I was a fat bitch too, growing up so I know that it sucks...

Posted by: Jen | Feb 22, 2006 8:55:32 AM

Petey is the coolest.
He live in my town.
Wow I think I need to go to fat camp.
Because Im fat. Fo real. Im not like 98lbs and saying im fat is more like... FATTTT!!!

LoL I dont know what im saying.

Posted by: Olean | Feb 22, 2006 9:15:09 AM

hey they dont deserve any more fame then all of the hundreds of other teens who have attended weight loss camps in the past, present and future. yes they went through hell to loose weight but they don't have a skill like actors or like inventing computers, they just happened to be there that summer when the camera's were their. that doesnt mean they deserve it. they would have lost weight no matter what camera's no camera's

Posted by: sam | Feb 22, 2006 9:50:12 AM

hahah i loove fat camp! i talked to petey for a lil on myspace the other day. those kids r pretty cool. lol

Posted by: alona | Feb 22, 2006 11:26:31 AM

i went to that camp. It isnt like that at all. no one hung out with them bc of the cameras and there is a lot more to it...the show sucks.

Posted by: alex | Feb 22, 2006 12:13:13 PM

"wow your fuckin gay as hell to say that shit on your brothers myspace
this is why i hate the liber family
you guys just gain all the weight back year after year and go to fat camp
real cool guys "- petey.

i found this through matts other sister emilys myspace.

so best week ever? i guess fat kids make fun of other fat kids. petey seems like an asshole. just like the show portrayd him.

dont beleive me? check out the myspace for yourself


Posted by: annabelle | Feb 22, 2006 5:23:01 PM

petey is the hotttttttttttest thing ever...he should get a prize!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Ally | Feb 22, 2006 8:25:05 PM

i <3 PETE...so shut upp!

Posted by: hannah | Feb 22, 2006 8:40:15 PM

HEY its not easy to be fat i used to be fat then turned skinny cuz i felt like a piece of shit but i have to laugh seriously when her towel fell every one turned blind.i had to wear glasses 4 3 days that bitch blind my eyes."fat ass" lmao j/p dont start crying to the cousaler...petty is lookin hot now dont go back fat u looked like a crack head. stay skinny..
i lost 60 pounds on anorixa j/p i did excersis im not that stupid like lindsay lohan.

Posted by: true | Feb 23, 2006 12:03:31 AM

I am a bit older than those that went to fat camp, however I totally could relate b/c I remember doing the same things when I was their age. To me, I didn't even see them as being "fat." I was watching it b/c it took me back to when I was in my teens just hanging out. I thought it was a great show! I think that everyone was fabulous and I hope spmething good comes from it for all of the campers that were there. To those haters out there I hope you know you suck!!!!
Napoleon D

Posted by: Napoleon Dynamite | Feb 24, 2006 9:36:40 AM

I enjoyed fat camp alot MTV really got something right this time!!

petey is so hott he rocks my socks

Posted by: Joy | Feb 24, 2006 11:33:14 PM

I thought fat camp was so funny, I couldnt't stop laughing at that girl Dianne she was the funniest of the whole show when her cabin mates told her to take a shower and she smelled and her towl fell.Petey was cute when he got skinny but weird. Marisa was pretty (nuff said). Matt was boring and fat azz hell.My favorite person on da show had to be Braelyn she was the most gangsta of the whole damn show I would of did da same shit she did and cursed out that gay ass camp leader. After seeing dat shit on mtv I've convinced my parents on letting me go to camp Pocono trails, dat shit is expensive but I'm still going.

Posted by: Maya | Feb 26, 2006 1:58:08 AM

Hey Patey..I haven't watchd this show alot but I was considering about being a counselor somewhere...any suggestions!? BTW ur totally cute!!!:)

Posted by: Becka | Apr 10, 2006 12:23:42 PM

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