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24-- The Movie

Jack_bauer_1 There have been whispers of a 24 movie for quite some time now. But today, Moviehole has some gossip that could indicate it's a done deal.

Kiefer has inked a 3 movie deal for a series of '24' movies at Fox. Yep, three. Chances are, you'll see the first one going before-the-cameras as early as '07. [continue reading]

Yes! I can't wait.

Of course, now comes the question: do they do it in real time and call it 100 Minutes (plus credits) or do they stick with the 24-hour theme? Or do they abandon it completely and produce some sort of epic action movie that spans weeks-- if not months. Gah! This is making my head hurt. All I know is that whatever they decide to do, I'll be there opening night. It's what Jack Bauer would want.

February 22, 2006 | Permalink


I just hope that when I see that movie, there isn't a moment where I can actually hear what's going on. Beacuse it just wouldn't be 24 if you and your friends aren't sitting there screaming and throwing things at the screen, and calling Logan names that your mother would have washed your mouth out for.

Posted by: McGeek | Feb 22, 2006 2:59:52 PM

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