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Development Watch: What's on Your TV in 2-6 Months


In this weekly feature, we give you the lowdown on upcoming TV shows still in development

Reality: Mark Burnett teaming with AOL to create Gold Rush!, a reality treasure hunt featuring contestants searching for hidden riches across the United States, aided by clues placed throughout the AOL network on sites including Moviefone.com, MapQuest.com and AIM.com. Translation: Amazing Race with Even More Product Placements

Variety: Comedy Central has ordered six episodes of The Sarah Silverman Program, with an air date set for this summer.  Silverman's character life is told thru a series of scripted scenes and songs. Comedy Central has ordered six episodes. Translation: The Dave Chapelle Show re-imagined with a white Jewish girl

Drama: ABC is looking at a project which would be the episodic version of the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith, from Regency TV.  The film, of course, starred Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who were both assassins. The pilot will be written by Simon Kinberg, who also wrote the film. Translation:  Canceled after Jill Henessey and Grant Show are cast as leads.

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