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Dane Cook on SNL


This is why SNL needs more comedians to host. Just check out Dane Cook's monologue from this week's show. No awkward audience interaction (anybody remember when Nancy Kerrigan hosted?) No relying on cast members to make the host tolerable (I'm looking at you, Lindsay Lohan). And no unwarranted Lorne Michaels cameos (too many to mention). Just comedy. Good stand up comedy. I hope you were taking notes, Jack Black-- you're on deck.

Watch Dane's monologue here.

December 5, 2005 | Permalink


all of those jokes were off his cd. lame.

Posted by: erock | Dec 6, 2005 3:19:26 AM

doesn't matter where he got the jokes, they're still his. i think this is the first time i laughed my ass off during an SNL monologue...this guy's nuts. i second the 'more comedian hosts' idea!

Posted by: akd5 | Dec 6, 2005 4:22:26 PM

Dane Cook is an amazing performer he is like nothing else out there and he did repeat jokes but shit man i wanna see someone else come up with the shit he has every time he is on tv he is a great comedian

Posted by: Kyle | Dec 7, 2005 10:55:02 PM

Dane Cook was awesome on SNL! Anyone see the turtle neck scene? That was the shit.

"I feel like I'm being raped by a wookie!"


Posted by: Cat | Dec 8, 2005 9:54:11 AM

is'nt that based off a mitch hedberg joke? turtle neck with a nap sack, like being strangled by a weak midget?

Posted by: kyle | Dec 8, 2005 12:30:19 PM

wow you guys wouldn't know funny if is slapped you in the face. He is the best in the business, so every other comedian....face the facts, DANE AMAZING!

Posted by: melanie | Dec 8, 2005 9:43:46 PM

go do something losers

Posted by: reese | Dec 12, 2005 7:46:18 AM

Dane Cook = funny. He may have used some of his old jokes but its snl. some viewers may have never herad them and he just wanted to bring his best material. n i almost died of laughter during the sweater skit! it was hillarious.

Posted by: Adriana | Dec 27, 2005 6:37:25 PM

anyone says anything bad about Dane Cook theyre morons. I hate anyone on this site that says he was "lame" or brought up old jokes. You will never amount to anything like he did.

Posted by: steve | Jan 9, 2006 3:29:32 AM

Damn it, this guy couldn't get any better. Dane Cook can think of the funniest things out of nowhere, and leave you laughing about it for the rest of your life. Point blank, he is absolutely fanominal!

Posted by: Bella | Jan 10, 2006 1:52:42 PM

Hack. Dumbed down, lowest common denominator rehashes of material that wasn't that funny when better comics performed it years ago. His popularity reflects the sad state that mainstream comedy is in today. Larry the Cable Guy? Oh yeah, thats for the rednecks. Dane Cook? Borderline retardate frat boys / sorority girls. So sad....

As for being the best comic around these days, well, please do yourself a favor and actually see other comics before making such assumptions! A little perspective won't hurt, chuckles.

Posted by: Cookblows | Apr 22, 2006 5:02:23 PM

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