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Quick Hits


The Rolling Stones are all set to perform the halftime show at this year's Superbowl. Millions eagerly await the sight of Mick's old, wrinkly exposed nipple.

Sorry everybody: Threshold and Reunion have been cancelled. And by "everybody" I mean all seven of you.

E! will air 10 new episodes of the recently cancelled The Simple Life next spring. Of course, before they do they will change the meaning of "E" from "entertainment" to "extraneous crap."

Who invented the mullet: Bono or Swayze? Come on guys, don't fight. Let's just say that you both invented the mullet so we can blame you both equally.

My favorite headline of the day: Schwarzenegger Hears Snoop Dogg's Clemency Plea. Arnold admits, "I just love his doggy-style."

CS Lewis never wanted to see The Chronicles of Narnia on the big screen. Hey! CS Lewis is just like me!

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