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Missing Miyagi


With last week's passing of Pat Miyagi... er, Morita... many people are having trouble coping with a post-Morita world. Well, to help you get through these trying times I recommend you checking out this touching tribute (and, okay, movie review) from the man who may have loved him the most: The Sports Guy.

Upon hearing about the sad passing of Pat Morita, I couldn't resist the chance to revisit my 2002 column about the "Karate Kid" trilogy, add a few things and rank the first "Karate Kid" on my "Top 73 Greatest Sports movies" list.

Sure, there was allegedly a fourth installment ("The Next Karate Kid," featuring Hilary Swank as Mr. Miyagi's new student), but for my money, the "Karate Kid" franchise lived and died with the immortal Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso, remaining the most memorable Sports Movie Trilogy ever to this day. [Click here to keep on reading]

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