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Teri Hatcher and Nicolette Sheridan share a goodbye kiss


"And then in typical Housewives fashion, Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria desperately tried to one-up Teri and Nicolette by 69-ing 'til the sun came up."

Now you go.

(pic from A Socialite's Life)

November 29, 2005 | Permalink


"I'll have what she's having!"

Posted by: jay | Nov 29, 2005 9:19:57 PM

Look At That Ass???

Posted by: E.LO | Nov 29, 2005 9:38:38 PM

Oh, that was about the funniest thing I've read all day. Thanks for the laugh.

Posted by: Jason | Nov 29, 2005 10:29:02 PM

In faded jeans matching their TV show's faded ratings, "Desperate Housewives" stars Nicolette Sheridan and Teri Hatcher show a little skin as they slip a little tongue. The twosome apparently latched on to the hottest new trend in Hollywood - the gay cowboy theme - inspired by Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger's new film, "Brokeback Mountain."

Posted by: Davodd | Nov 30, 2005 3:40:28 AM

Jeans, they make everyone sexier!

Posted by: Jason | Nov 30, 2005 4:57:05 PM

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