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Lost: Complete Visual Analysis of Hatch Interior


"This is my analysis of the Hatch interior. I've analyized all the videos of the hatch interior. And its taken quite some of time to get the map right. Especially to let every screenshot "fit" with the constructed map.
It was frikin' hard to get everything to match . But the result is a very precise map.

I will show an analysis of several areas of the interior. Some screenshots are accompanied by a
corresponding map which shows the camera view in color. This is very helpful in understanding what you are actually looking at in context to the rest of the interior. It also proves the map is accurate. I hope you enjoy these context-maps...  "
Geekiest / most glorious thing ever. Fans of Lost are sure to be impressed and scared for this man's work. He must be an ex-trekkie or something.[ Link ]

October 12, 2005 | Permalink


Just because ST doesn't play anymore doesn't mean you can't still be a Trekkie. :)

Posted by: richard | Oct 12, 2005 1:02:19 PM

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