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Halloween Monster Madness Post


Halloween-themed tattoos - That's the spirit! It could be worse...it could be Christmas themed. At least devils and pumpkins can look hardcore all year round unlike Mr. Claus.[Link]

Archie Goes Goth - Joey always finds the greatest little interweb gems and this Archie find is just the right way to start off your gothic festivities this weekend.[Accordion Guy Post]

The Best of The Treehouse of Horror -
a glimpse at the very best of Simpsons halloween specials.[link]
Star Wars paper masks to download and wear - Need a last minute halloween costume idea and your a star wars geek. Fear not. These masks are downloadable and totally wearable and this weekend you can get away with wearing them in public. Yes, it's safe to come out of the basement again, friends. (did you honestly think I would find a way to throw in a geeky halloween post?)[BoingBoing Link]

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