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Friday Morning Quick Hits

Angelinajolie004 Angelinajolie044Angelinajolie040

New Australian western The Proposition is written by Nick Cave, king of the Goths. Release the bats, mate.

Jean van de Velde
, French male golfer, will attempt to play in 2006 Women's British Open. Says he will even shave legs to play, becoming first french male or female this decade to do so.

"Cokie McSnifferson" Moss checks out of rehab clinic. In totally unrelated news, industry analysts report the price of an eight ball is likely to skyrocket shortly.

Angelina Jolie
says she wants more kids.  If breastfeeding and spanking are included, then I'm available for adoption immediately. Sure, I'm not from a third world country but we can role play if necessary. I promise to be the bestest daughter in the whole wide world.

Ford Motor Company
will begin monitoring, timing employee bathroom breaks. Employees pissed, say it's a crappy policy.

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