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Thursday Morning Quick Hits


Tom Cruise
infuriated by fake lecture posting, still okay about following fake religion.

Not only are flight attendants protesting the movie "Flightplan," their protest gives away spoilers.

City of London honors founder of first Curry house in the UK back in 1810. Also introduced Brits to "shampooing". Shame he ran out of time to introduce "dental care".

Shirley Temple accuses Paris Hilton of taking attention away from real actresses. Worst case scenario, be prepared to see Paris Hilton attempt to act.

Eight geeks charged for releasing Star Wars III on the internet. The force is strong in the California court system.

Kate Moss
‘devastated’ by drug controversy. Says all the tears are making it hard to cut good lines.

September 29, 2005 | Permalink


I think everyone should be boycott "Flight Plan" it was horrrrrrrrible!

Posted by: Cora | Sep 29, 2005 10:52:04 PM

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