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From Demi & Ashton getting married to Steve-O losing it on Adam Corolla, it's been a pretty crazy week. That's why you have to tune in tonight at 11 (and all weekend long) and watch Best Week Ever.

Need two more reasons to tune in?

Well, this week we had our favorite blogger drop by, Trent (from Pink is the New Blog) and we had our favorite Amazing Race family here too-- The Black Family. Insert joke here.

So check it out.

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Friday Quick Hits


Mike Myers has sign ed on to play The Who's Keith Moon in a biopic. If he's half as good doing Keith as he was doing Mick Jagger on SNL, we're all in for a treat.

According to a poll in Empire magazine, the worst sex scene ever on film was Elizabeth Berkley and Kyle MacLachlan's pool romp in "Showgirls." Which is shocking, because besides that "Showgirls" is such an incredible movie.

Tara Reid is close to breaking point. This should make for a "very special" episode of Taradise. Well, more special than normal.

Constantine from "American Idol" signs abc sitcom deal. Probably because heaven didn't want him, hell won't take him, and Earth needs him. Or something like that.

The inventor of Valium has passed away. Friends and family try their best to muster up a reaction.

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George vs. Rita


"Use your Dragonzord!!"

Finally, an accurate depiction of how our President handled Hurricane Rita. I had no idea how big this thing was... apparently it involved Power Rangers, Dick Cheney, and the Terminator. Who knew?? Read all about it here.

Link thanks to GorillaMask

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Shining: It's heartwarming


FInally, a feel good comedy that the whole family can agree on. "Shining."  Check out the trailer for this beautifully shot Jack Nicholson piece here.

This is definitely the best piece of editing I've seen in quite some time. I wonder what other movie trailers would look like if they got a similar treatment?

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Carmen Chameleon


Yeah Carmen is known to change her looks around but whatever her look is for the day it always seems to involve cleavage.[Cityrag link]

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PANICS: a new mini series


From the folks who brought you Red vs Blue check out their latest mini series 'Panics'. People Acting Normal In Crazy-Ass Situations may soon be your favourite series on the interweb.[link]

Find Episode 1 here.

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America's Next Top Model Rolling Crying Count: The Crying Watch Continues...


It's not easy being beautiful...well...okay maybe these girls have it easier than most women but there is still lots of crying to be had. FourFour has the latest crying count for America's Next Top Model.[fourfour link]

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Inside Hilary Duff's Birthday Party


Perez Hilton gives us the low down on Ms. Duff's 18th Birthday.[Perez Hilton Link] 

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Who will be your next corporate whore?


"Match up your own B-list celebrity with a retail giant and complete this set of advertisements with your own Photoshopped advertisement."

Play JustJared's contest and win yourself an Elizabethan prize pack.[jj link]

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Thursday Morning Quick Hits


Tom Cruise
infuriated by fake lecture posting, still okay about following fake religion.

Not only are flight attendants protesting the movie "Flightplan," their protest gives away spoilers.

City of London honors founder of first Curry house in the UK back in 1810. Also introduced Brits to "shampooing". Shame he ran out of time to introduce "dental care".

Shirley Temple accuses Paris Hilton of taking attention away from real actresses. Worst case scenario, be prepared to see Paris Hilton attempt to act.

Eight geeks charged for releasing Star Wars III on the internet. The force is strong in the California court system.

Kate Moss
‘devastated’ by drug controversy. Says all the tears are making it hard to cut good lines.

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