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Brad and Angelina channel TomKat


The risk taking celebrities go joy riding with a some how less annoying photo session than their Scientology loving bike riding trendsetters Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.  Joy riding is fine, but lets keep the vial of blood thing to ourselves Angie. Brad's a keeper.[jjb pics]

September 26, 2005 | Permalink


Those two are HOT. Did Jen ever get on a motorcycle? I think Brad enjoys Angie's wild side. That and the fact she wants nonstop sex everyday. She really makes him happy. And he loves the knives and the whips!

Posted by: Distressedjeans | Sep 26, 2005 8:02:24 PM

i don't think i ever saw jen on any motorcycle with ex brad... i wish jen, brad, angie, & her children the best. you can't really pin point who's at fault when they are done with the marriage and moving on. it's hard to see it (esp. when you're a fan of any of these actors) but it's much harder for them the most. let's give them best wishes and keep the bad things to ourselves. no one's perfect BTW. =)

Posted by: sunny | Sep 29, 2005 11:00:22 PM

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