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America's Next Top Model Rolling Crying Count: The Crying Watch Continues...


It's not easy being beautiful...well...okay maybe these girls have it easier than most women but there is still lots of crying to be had. FourFour has the latest crying count for America's Next Top Model.[fourfour link]

September 29, 2005 | Permalink


u guyz are f**king stiupid cuz every ting the americans seem 2 do u wanna copy stop acting like fools and make up your own sh*t ok

Posted by: ray ray | Sep 30, 2005 7:09:18 AM

Tyra sold out to CoverGirl. They obviously didn't want to have 3 black ANTM in a row so out of the 3 models the pick the last person who actually deserved it. Nic consistantly took better pictures from beginning to end. Bree had more personality than the other 2 combined. this was such a tragedy.

Posted by: Cherish | Dec 8, 2005 12:54:33 PM

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