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Best of Wednesday Linkage

The Most Extraordinary Space Investigations - "Chided by critics initially as being a "f**k you" to audiences and artists alike, Harmon, Najarian, Roiland and Silverman have bounced back from number 5, have achieved their show's highest rating so far and are now nibbling at Yacht Rock's ass. In an even stranger turn of events, as of the passing of Gregory Shitcock, MESI has just become the current longest running show in Prime Time. Perhaps the audience is starting to warm to its improvised style or perhaps this crew is getting better at making a show they want to see." (link thanks to cynicalsmirk)


Sawyer Sawyer Sawyer - I'm a little confused by this short flash video but I'm not complaining for at least 20 seconds I was amused. Anyone else miss 'Lost'? *thanks to reader* - The Sawyer video is a parody on the Llama video.

Gary the no trash cougar - Best. Mascot. Ever. Just another classic clip from Family Guy.

The Lego Clan - Legos. Always fun. (direct video link)

Just Two Guys - They will burn the roof off...cause they are having a good time.

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