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Best of Friday Linkage!

Scotch and Soda
- "Eugene Mirman’s hilarious short film, in which a bitter, dried-up druggie lays down some simple truths to the next generation over a couple of fine beverages." You can find more of Eugene's videos here.(link thanks to Screenhead)

Leslie and the Lys: "Beat Dazzler" - 
"The Gem Sweater girls are back in a new video you'll only find on AtomFilms. They're out of the studio and stirring things up in suburban America in a new video that absolutely defies any kind of rational explanation. You can't beat the Beat Dazzler!"


Kennedy: "Who's Lovin' Your Mama?" - "You'll forget all about Stacy and her mom once you hear this ultimate hot mom song. Need we say more? How about the catchiest refrain ever: "Nobody loves you, like your mama loves you but who's lovin' your mama? I am."
Snape too sexy for Milan? - This one is for the Harry Potter fans.


Living With Ridalyn - "Ridalyn is a 12-year-old kid on a constant sugar high. Join him and his best friend on a frantic summer's day -- playing chicken in a busy street, dominating video games, confronting a bully, and suffering massive slurpee brain-freezes at "Sevee Levee." Say it with us now: "Sweeeeeeet!"" [link]


A Critical Analysis of the Super Friends - "The Super Friends somehow stayed alive for 10 years by hiring people who could talk to fish, match a cape to their underwear, and turn into a bucket of water. They fought everyone from supervillains to dolls from space to insane altruists who decided that making giant unstoppable mutant fish and running the Earth into a comet was the best way to solve our "food shortage."" (link thanks to GM)

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that snape video is SO old!

Posted by: sarah | Aug 12, 2005 2:05:06 PM

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