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Wednesday Morning Quick Hits


Hollywood, still out of ideas, making movie of slain rapper Notorious B.I.G. Critics and moviegoers prepare to call it a notorious P.O.S.

No smurfin way! A smurf movie? Right in the smurfing theater? Smurf Yeah!

Ricky Williams
runs out of pot money, returns to Dolphins.

And now for something completely different... Monty Python to reform.

Thousands get naked in the name of art. Best misappropriated quote: "There was a lot of standing around, waiting while Spencer got the right shot, and it did get a bit cold - my mum's lips went blue".

Darryl Hannah quits movies to save the world, just like in the movies.

Sarah Michelle Gellar wants to go topless in an upcoming movie. I, for one, welcome our topless slayer overlord.

Bill Gates laments that Microsoft now has a hard time attracting qualified employees. World's smallest violin begins playing in background.

Drew Rosenhaus, king of jackass sports agents, saves boy at Disney World resort pool. Emperor Palpatine dismayed that there's still some good in him.

I'm too sexy for this jail, too sexy for this jail, too sexy and frail. Sex-teacher Lafave may go to jail.

Former Black Panthers fought for black rights in their day and did a fine job. Their next obvoius step: selling hot sauce. They're going up against the KKK's "burning cross hot sauce", so the competition is going to be rough.

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