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Residence of Paris Hilton and Paris Latsis

Is_1492885 Is_1492874

Wanna see where Paris² live? Don't pretend not to be a little bit curious... I personally expected more mirrors and maybe a stripper pole in the party room.[link]

In completely unrelated news, Tom Cruise unexpectedly passed away today, only days before his 43rd  birthday. Once again I feel I should remind you that I believe everything I read on the internet. So naturally this means two things, this report is 100% accurate and Xenu is pretty frikkin' pissed off.

June 21, 2005 | Permalink


Dear BWE,

I really wish you would stop using my name in vain. I have not said I was angry at brother Cruise's death - he wasn't even dead... yet.

Please let me alone to do my work regulating the body thetans of you humans and guiding my followers to higher levels of consciousness.

Go pick on followers of Kabalah!

Yours truly,

Posted by: Xenu | Jun 21, 2005 10:16:45 AM

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