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Morning Quick Hits: The Marriage Edition


Paris Hilton
plans to leave the limelight. Not to be confused with night-vision.

Katie Holmes jumps headfirst into Scientology.  One more convert and Tom Cruise gets to wear the official Xenu cape for a month. All hail, Xenu.

Alicia Silverstone marries at Lake Tahoe. It was a pretty normal ceremony, up until the point that she and Liv Tyler snuck out, won an amateur stripping contest, shoplifted, and hijaked a tractor from a well built farm boy. What a day!

Demi Moore and Rod Stewart get naked....No, they were not together.

Boxer Kevin McBride reveals that Mike Tyson attempted to bite his nipple during latest bout. Damn, that guy keeps getting kinkier and kinkier.

and Alanis Morissette  who was apparently really "angry" or something, has grown past that. Probably thanks to a few thousand jagged little pills.

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