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Morning Quick Hits: Phones, Angry Seals and infinite Darkness


Russell Crowe
apologizes for his phone throwing antics on the Letterman show, adding "This is possibly the most shameful situation I've ever gotten myself in in my life, and I've done some pretty dumb things in my life...So to actually make a new number one is spectacularly stupid."

So what was the previous number one? I'm not exactly sure, but I bet it had to do with 30 Odd Foot of Grunt.

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Seals can fight back too. Seal attempts to strangle a photographer that get's too close to his baby daughter. Didn't that photog ever watch the Discovery channel? You're not supposed to get in between a seal and its baby. More photos can be seen  here... here ... here and here .

and now for a new segment of the BWE blog...

Celebrity Words Of Wisdom:


"Some things you can achieve through this job are amazing, such as making a sick child smile or raising money for charity."

This moment has been brought to you by Jennifer Garner, in a garter belt.

Tom Cruise is confused why people would believe Scientologists are slightly 'looney' and 'cult-like'. You're absolutely right, Tom. I knew nothing of Scientology. So I did some research and here's what I found out...


1) There is an evil space alien and his name is Xenu.
John "Grease Lightening" Travolta swears by the Scientologist's E-meter (Scientologist's super duper lie detector machine).
3) The origin of the cult's belief is that their bodies are inhabited by the wandering souls of fried space aliens. No joke.
4) Earth is called actually called Teegeeack. Years ago some stuff went down and  Xenu was captured and put in an electronic mountain trap. He still resides there... to this very day.


and all this time I have been watching Star Trek? Had I known about Scientology, I would have signed up like 10 years ago. I will never mock you again, Tom. You aren't so much as crazy as misunderstood. I suggest you start telling these facts about your religion instead of that lame 'no drug policy.' I have a feeling that Xenu will charm the pants off of any non-believer.

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It's about fucking time the Best Week Ever Blog got some serious blog shit on. Kudos bitch....kudos.

Posted by: Awaited Balls | Jun 10, 2005 12:18:59 AM

damn, seal is diesel.
thats one scary looking scarred black man.

Posted by: ru | Jun 10, 2005 1:14:04 AM

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