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Morning Quick Hits: Snack Edition - Coke, Apples, Doritos And Circus Midgets


Jack Nicholson, not a dull boy, rewrites his threesome scene in the upcoming Scorsese film The Departed. "Jack didn't feel there was enough Jack in his character" and apparently "Jack" involves snorting cocaine off a partner's buttocks and dildos!

Tom Cruise's squirt-happy pranksters are out on bail and promised to sacrifice their water guns over to Xenu as a peace offering, immediately.

Chris Martin is honoring his baby Apple, by getting a tattoo of her name. Strange, usually when I honor apples I just go ahead and take a big bite out of the middle...

Saddam Hussein is addicted to Doritos and thinks fondly of Ronald Reagan.

...I got nothing for that last one. So I will just carry on with the links.

Cardinal Sin dies, Satan surrenders.


Family Guy movie will be released straight to DVD September 27th. Oh that is freakin' smurf. That is freakin' smurf... 

PETA tries to stop Shrine Circus.  Next on list:  Santa Claus and his reindeer.

DNA on McDonald's Burgers link 3 men to a robbery. Sample said to be found in the special sauce...

Harry says Sally can't fake 'em anymore. Here comes the science.

Cannabis-based painkiller now available in Canada.  Side effects include munchies, urge to listen to Jimi Hendrix.

Japanese inventors unveil ultra-lifelike robot. In other news, Rick Deckard was arrested at a sushi stand, reportedly brought in for one last job. 


June 21, 2005 | Permalink


The moral of this story is that PETA can abuse animals. Just not the circus. Please read the below article in case you missed it.


Posted by: Josh Greenwald | Jun 21, 2005 11:12:47 AM

Has someone been reading a little too much Fark?

Posted by: Dean | Jun 21, 2005 1:46:39 PM

No. I just really like steak.

Posted by: Josh Greenwald | Jun 21, 2005 3:14:12 PM

Show us a clip of the new Family Guy movie on best week ever

Posted by: Andrew | Jun 22, 2005 10:44:44 AM

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