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A horse is a horse

By now everybody's seen the blog I Hate Horses and either laughed at the absolute ridiculous-ness of the whole thing or gotten incredibly angry and offended.

Well, no matter where you stand on the whole horse issue, I think we can all agree on one thing: This is AWESOME.


Love 'em or hate 'em, I think now we know who's boss.

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it's official: Ben & Jen tie the knot


Ben does what he has to do to ensure that his kid doesn't end up a bastard like his old man. [full story here]

Best of luck to the happy couple. We sincerely mean that*.

*Okay, let's be honest, we're also sincerely looking forward to watching this thing unravel. How long do you give them? 6 months? A year? 2 years? We're talking about Ben Affleck here, you know he's going to do something stupid. Can't wait to see what it is. But until then, best of luck.

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Thursday Quick Hits: Slutty pop stars & White People!


Jessica Simpson has been branded "slutty" by Christian groups.  While they were at it, they also branded Harvey Firestein a “homosexual” and RuPaul “not a chick.”

Sharon Stone is bored of fame.  Catwoman has a habit of doing that to people. 

Coldplay will duet with former The Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft at Live 8.  All proceeds will go directly to the Rolling Stones.

ABC has pulled an upcoming reality series in which people vie to win a house in a white neighborhood.  The decision was brought down directly from The Man.

More details about the upcoming Death Cab album have been released.  The album focuses on themes like heart break and death, but I WILL CUT YOU if you call them emo!   

Ranger's Pitcher Kenny Rogers went ballastic on a cameraman. Insert Kenny Rogers joke here. I'm going with, "You've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, and know when to throw their camera to the ground and yell about it." Thank you.

And finally, today is petition day:

1) Get Lindsay Lohan a ham and cheese sammach petition.

2) Petition to revoke Tom Cruise's citizenship

Happy petition-ing!

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Worth1000 Photoshop Contest: Gender Bending 6


I'm so... confused. This has me questioning oh-so-many things. Click here to see the rest of them. Just a warning, though: you may never look at Teri Hatcher the same way again.

It's all at Worth1000.com

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Tom gets so, so wet


I thought we'd mix it up today and start things off with a little something revolving around Tom Cruise. Shocking, eh?

This video makes me wish that South Park was putting out new episodes right now, because god only knows what they'd do with this whole thing. [Watch Video Here]

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Ikea Madness & Spoiled Rotten Computer Geeks


This commercial confuses the hell out of me. All I know is that it's for Ikea and there is some dancing....singing and[direct download]

Reason why not to have kids # 6,326


"You said you'd get it for me... that makes you a liar!  That's bulls***!"[link]

A kid forgets to turn his headphones off during an X-Box live game of Rainbow Six and starts to fight with his poor...poor mother. Every single stereotype you could think of a 14 year old computer gamer lies here. I bet you he's even in the basement. ( Google Cheat (to avoid hotlinking), could not find any other link to it)

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Peter: Good thing I bought that cloud insurance

(Two clouds in sky)
Cloud 1: So Bill, we attack tomorrow
Cloud 2: Yes, tomorrow...
Cloud 2: I mean it this time
Cloud 2: I do too

The Clouds attacked.[link]

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Family Guy moment: Brian Brings the Bachelorette home


A short Family Guy clip to help you on hump day...[watch now]

Link thanks to:
Gorilla Mask

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What Could Have Made Sideways Better


 Shut up. Shut up. Shut the hellup. If I hear just one more person talk about how great the movie Sideways is, I'm going to snap. Scratch that. I've already snapped, I've purchased a gun, and my finger is just aching to pull the trigger on the next person who gives praise to that complete waste of two hours that they have the balls to call  a film.

Haven't you always wondered what could have made the film Sideways better? I didn't. But the National Lampoon guys did...and now that I've read this, I agree with them completely.[link]

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Michael Jackson vs. Famicon Robots


Looks like that was a fistful of fun for the Koopa King...[watch now]

(Takes a while to load but it's totally worth it.)

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