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Coldplay de-coded

Coldplay_1Some blokes with too much time on their hands were able to decode the new Coldplay album cover.  Here's what they came up with: [From NME.com]

...the seemingly random blocks of colour are in fact a 19th century telegraphic code.

The centre pages of the ’X&Y’ inlay shows the full telegraphic alphabet, with the vertical arrangements of blocks representing each letter of the regular alphabet, as well as the coding for numbers and other symbols such as brackets, question marks and ampersands.

When applied to the cover image, it is revealed that the configuration of blocks spells out ‘X&Y’, whilst the message at the back of the album’s booklet says, ’Make Trade Fair’. The colour scheming is merely for decoration.

I don't know whether to be disappointed that it turned out to be really boring, or just relieved that it has nothing to do with Gwyneth.

I agree with fair trade, though. Like, when you go back to the record store to trade X&Y in, you should definitely get $5 or $6 back in store credit. Thanks for looking out, Chris.

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