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Classic Conan Clip time


I stumbled upon a favorite Triumph the Insult Comic Dog moment and feel like sharing: Triumph gives the Hawaii weather forecast. I am starting to think that puppets should just do the news from now on. I don't think I can go back to watching the weather channel again until all the puppets of the world unite and take over the newsroom.[watch now]

For a little Triumph tribute, check out these classic videos:

Triumph vs Star Wars

Triumph vs Bon Jovi

Triumph vs Hollywood

Triumph vs The Dragon-master

Triumph vs American Idol

Triumph vs Moby vs Eminem

Triumph: The Early Years

Triumph on NPR

and you'll find a few more videos at the NBC Triumph video page or you could just go buy the Triumph DVD already and be done with it.

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I love lamp

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